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Filmography Lucio Fulci

Listed here are the titles Lucio Fulci was involved in as a director, writer, producer and actor). As you can see he had quite a career. I have seen most of his horror films. But like with many I have seen I have yet to write reviews for them. Honestly I am not really interested in his non horror works. But perhaps (if I manage to get a hold of the copies) I will review those as well. 

The Last Days of Pompeii 1950 (associate producer)
A Day in Court 1954 (creator format and co-writer)
An American in Rome 1954 (writer)
They Stole a Tram 1954 (writer)
Io sono la Primula Rossa (writer)
Le avventure di Giacomo Casanova 1955 (writer)
The Letters Page 1955 (writer, actor)
Toto in Hell 1955 (writer)
Toto in the Moon 1958 (screenwriter)
Maid, Thief and Guard 1958 (writer)
The Thieves 1959 (director, writer)
Ragazzi del Juke-Box 1959 (director, writer. actor)
Howlers in the Dock 1960 (director, writer)
Letto a tre piazze 1960 (writer)
Sanremo la grande sfida 1960 (actor)
Totò, Peppino e... la dolce vita 1961 (writer)
Colpo gobbo all'italiana 1962 (director)
I due della legione 1962 (director, writer)
Le massaggiatrici 1962 (director)
Uno strano tipo 1963 (director, writer)
The Swindlers 1963 (director, writer)
I maniaci 1964 (director, writer)
I due evasi da Sing Sing 1964 (director, writer)
00-2 agenti segretissimi 1964 (director, writer)
I due pericoli pubblici 1964 (director, writer)
How We Got Into Trouble with the Army 1965 (director)
002 Operazione Luna 1965 (director)
The Two Parachutists 1965 (director, writer)
How We Robbed the Bank of Italy 1966 (director, writer)
Massacre Time 1966 (director)
Come rubammo la bomba atomica 1967 (director)
The Long, the Short, the Cat 1967 (director)
Operation St. Peter's 1967 (director, writer)
The Two Crusaders 1968 (writer)
Double Face 1969 (writer)
One on Top of the Other 1969 (director, writer, actor)
Beatrice Cenci 1969 (director, writer)
A Lizard in a Woman's Skin 1971 (director, writer)
Hector the Mighty 1972 (writer)
Trois milliards sans ascenseur 1972 (writer)
The Eroticist 1972 (director, writer)
Don't Torture a Duckling 1972 (director, writer)
White Fang 1973 (director) 
Challenge to White Fang 1974 (director, writer)
Four of the Apocalypse 1975 (director)
Dracula in the Provinces 1975 (director, writer)
My Sister in Law 1976 (director, actor)
Silver Saddle 1978 (director)
Zombi 2 1979 (director, actor)
Contraband 1980 (director, writer)
City of the Living Dead 1980 (director, writer)
The Black Cat 1981 (director, writer)
The Beyond 1981 (director, writer, actor)
The House by the Cemetery 1981 (director, writer, actor)
The New York Ripper 1982 (director, writer, actor)
Manhattan Baby 1982 (director, writer, actor)
Conquest 1983 (director)
Warriors of the Year 2072  (1984, director, writer)
Murder Rock 1984 (director, writer, actor)
The Trap 1985 (co-writer)
The Devil's Honey 1986 (director, writer, actor)
The Curse 1987 (associate producer and special effects)
Zombi 3 1988 (director)
Aenigma 1988 (director, writer, actor)
Sodoma's Ghost 1988 (director, writer)
Touch of Death 1988 (director, writer)
The House of Clocks 1989 (director, writer, TV Movie)
The Sweet House of Horrors 1989 (director, writer, TV Movie)
A Cat in the Brain 1990 (director, writer, actor)
Demonia 1990 (director, writer, actor)
Door to Silence 1991 (director, writer)
Voices from Beyond 1994 (director, writer, actor)
Ci troviamo in galleria (writer)
Night Club (writer)

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