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Review The Psychic (1977): It never lets down, definitely one I recommend!

genre: giallo

When one hears the name Lucio Fulci gore, blood and zombies come to mind. But the man also directed some really good giallos like Don't torture a duckling or New York Ripper. The Psychic also belongs into this category and is easily the most subtle and accessible of them. And for once we are treated with a strong female lead (Jennifer O'Neill) who is beautiful and intelligent who isn't afraid to get to the bottom of the mystery behind her visions. She remains confident even when it is suggested that her visions might be wrong. It's a delight to see her hunting for clues that brings her closer of solving it. From start to finish The Psychic is a compelling watch. Even when the pace is a little slow the tension is there right from the start. Which gets build up on throughout the movie. It never lets down which is a rarity in suspense movies like this one. Definitely one I recommend!  

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