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Ladies Night Pathe Cinema Netherlands

More and more women have become outspoken on misogyny and bad conduct of men towards women in general. And fair is fair they should have the right to do so. But what I often miss in those debates is how women themselves can be discriminatory towards men in the same fashion. Often this argument is being dismissed and said that it can't be compared to the oppression of women and so on and so forth. Which usually leads to more debate and inequality between men and women. Still I think this view of women on this actually shows how complex the issues are and that you can't blame a specific gender for the injustice and discrimination. Both are part of the problem. It's not my intention to start a new riot or debate on this matter. However I do want to address this phenomenon called Ladies Night in the Pathe Cinema's in the Netherlands. And I want to do so since I could not believe the reactions of the majority of women on this forum of a women's magazine when a woman was telling them how distraught she was that her male friend got refused to get in when she wanted to see Sex In the City 2. 

Most reactions were like: What did you expect, it's a ladies night, no men allowed, get over it. Or having a man amongst all those women would make them feel uncomfortable. To give this ladies night a little perspective. Let me elaborate on it. It's a night where ladies get a special treatment that consists of glass of champagne, popcorn, beverage and a goodie bag, before they go to see a movie that has been classified as a chick flick. (If you think about it this term could be seen as derogatory in itself but anyways check this link for more details). Of course they pay for all this and does look like a fun outing. Now I understand that on those nights men should stay clear. And honestly I would not even want to be there because why would I? Although I do think that we have to get away from branding films like these as specifically targeted for women. Some men enjoy them as much as women do. And here is where things get complicated since the women I was referring to went ballistic. No way should this be allowed. A man wants to be there on ladies night? Again on the one hand very understandable. On the other hand it still is discriminatory. Which in this case gets worse. Because if this cinema is offering Ladies Night surely there must be something as Men's Night where men can indulge themselves in the same fashion? Answer: NO! There is no men's night. Men strike out. How is this fair? I know some women will justify this by saying that one day of special treatment for women is nothing compared to the abuse women have to go through all their life on account of men being pigs and all. An argument I am having big problems with. Since I believe no matter how you motivate it, discrimination of any kind is wrong. We should aspire to let go of conventions. To let go of branding things as typically male or typically female. If we manage to do that then that would be a step into the right direction. But it requires a change of thought in both men and women. Let us try harder to truly understand and treat each other better and more justly. And do what it takes to get it done.

So this is not discriminatory at all? (Yes, I realize the men in the picture aren't real. But these men do perform and let themselves photograph with the women for real. Again, how is this not discriminatory and sexist?)

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