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Review Murder Rock a.k.a. Slashdance (1984)

genre: giallo

Another giallo from Lucio Fulci, subtitled Slashdance. Beautiful women in tight spandex with curves in the right places who undoubtedly will become the future victims. That doesn't sound bad, now does it? Sadly there is nothing in Murder Rock that makes it stand out especially compared to Fulci's other work. I really wanted to like this. Since it does have most of the right ingredients except for the most important one. There is no tension or sense of dread. The victims rarely put up a fight or make a run for it. It would be understandable if they were in shock or something. But when you find out who the killer is then it absolutely makes no sense whatsoever. Also the killings are too subtle. Not enough blood or gore. Am I that blood hungry? Not at all, but with lack of suspense there has to be at least one element that has to hold my attention. And bloody murders could compensate more than enough to keep it entertaining. Especially when Fulci, the Godfather of Gore, is concerned. But none of that. Also there aren't particularly strong leads. Sure there are the usual red herrings only extremely weak if you ask me. Then the ending. Talk about underwhelming. One last thing that I find odd. Since this was supposed to be some sort of Flasdance clone with a twist I was expecting much better music. None of the songs or music stuck with me. This could have been another element that could have increased the entertainment value of this movie. In the end there is too much missing for it to be worth your time. Watch New York Ripper and The Psychic instead.

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