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Review The Devil's Honey a.k.a. Il miele del diavolo a.k.a. Dangerous Obsession (1986).

genre: drama, thriller

For me The Devil's Honey was one disappointing affair. When it comes to Lucio Fulci I am willing to be forgiving but in this case I simply can't. First off, this is falsely advertised as being a thriller. It's more a drama with some sordid and sleazy elements thrown in. These sleazy elements however are a redeeming factor. Beautiful ladies being nude throughout the movie can't be a bad thing. Also there is one scene right from the start that really showed promise. Let's just say I never saw a saxophone used in this way. Soon however it got tiresome. That some people are into sadomasochistic stuff is something I can understand. To each his own. And it would have been nice to catch a glimpse into this world or at least be taught why some need this for their sexual gratification. In this movie though it's not represented well. Not that I am an expert. But enough to know that the actions of the characters in this movie are contradictory. A lot of the sexy scenes are very hard to take seriously because of those contradictions  and are downright hilarious. So any attempt to reach a deeper meaning for the subject is rather pointless. The longer you watch the weirder it gets. Then Lucio does not even bother giving us a proper ending. It leaves it open but not without giving some small hints before he cuts away to the ocean. Some might think that it is a clever and fitting ending. However I don't share that sentiment. It is laziness of the highest order. If there really was a deeper meaning behind all the events displayed on the screen then the ending took it away. Which leaves the focus on the erotic scenes. And yes, they are steamy and good enough to warrant a viewing if one is in the right mindset. But even then some of those scenes will fall short especially compared to real soft erotica. I can't recommend this one.   


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