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Review House of Clocks (1989)

genre: horror

In this movie there aren't any sympathetic people. They are cruel, sadistic, evil and more evil. I have no clue what Lucio Fulci was going for because absolutely nothing gets explained here. There are these clocks that have a certain power. I could explain them to you but that would spoil most of the fun. Although it is pretty obvious. There is barely a plot in this movie. But as you might expect more than enough blood and gore. Completely over the top might I add. Still without it this movie would have been dull so no complaints here. What I do think hurts this movie is a lack of coherent back story or strong characters. I get it we aren't supposed to like the people. At least give us a reason why they all act like they do. At one time at the end you will seriously think that Fulci deliberately fooled the viewer as it would have made you think that House of Clocks was one of the most pointless movies you will have seen in your entire life. And that is quite an accomplishment. Then we get an ending that sort of does give the viewer an ending we can live with. Although the feeling of pointlessness doesn't go away. One can't but help but feel that Lucio Fulci had been a bit lazy with this what seems to be a TV movie. Is this a movie you absolutely have to see or avoid. Compared to a lot of contemporary horror movies even the worst of Fulci is better. And House of Clocks is just above his worst. But I would not recommend this either. Lucio Fulci fans certainly will appreciate this more.

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