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Review The New York Ripper a.k.a. Lo squartatore di New York (1982): Fulci can do much better, but it sure is bloody as hell!

genre: giallo, thriller, horror, mystery

The New York Ripper is a giallo where the sleaziness and gore is amped up big time. Many scenes are moments removed from being softcore porn. Are these scenes to entice and arouse? Or are they part to delve into someone's psyche?

At times it seems like that Fulci is sincere in trying to explore human psychology. Especially their tendencies to give in to their sexual desires. But make no mistake. Lucio Fulci is not really interested in these matters. The characters in this film rarely have honest dialogues. Even the designated psychiatrist can't be fully trusted since he also commits sins of his own. This element is just used as an excuse to give you incredibly violent and gory deaths. Even today these deaths will shock you. And like with many of these films provide the best parts. The mystery elements are present including red herrings and everything. However if you were hoping for an explanation or at least a solid motive for the killer and his killing spree you will be disappointed. I mean one is given but it's one that doesn't really make sense. Perhaps it would have been had they demonstrated this through the eyes of the killer. This killer BTW is quite disturbed as this person finds it necessary to talk or quack like a duck. A bit like Donald Duck. It's a gimmick that I could have lived without. We are supposed to take events seriously. How can you if the culprit speaks like a duck? Then again if ever you thought you were in some parody of a murder mystery Fulci then reminds you he means business. Like I said the sex scenes easily could have been arousing and enticing and perhaps they should have since it would have made sense concerning the killer's motive.

I watched the 4K UHD Dolby Vision HDR version of The New York Ripper and I can tell you that it was an absolute delight that way. The image has some graininess (since it is obvious it's transferred from film which is a good thing) but is crisp otherwise. The colour red pops like crazy especially in the murder scenes. I wished all films looked as good as this one.

Overall The New York Ripper is a pretty solid title but perhaps a little lacking in the mystery department. 


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