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Review The Greatest Showman (2017): Destroys La La Land in every way and yet gets less appreciated!

genre: musical, drama

On a whim I decided to watch The Greatest Showman. I was a bit occupied with other matters until the film got to me. Somehow one plot element resonated with me so much that I felt compelled to get invested.

Now I am not going to say that this ia a masterpiece and it's the best musical ever. It certainly has some flaws. But it has two things that hyped up La La Land didn't have. Heart and very catchy, well choreographed musical numbers. There is no contest. The fact that La La Land got all the praise and this one got shunned by critics is beyond me. As simple as the story was it had a beginning, middle and end. All of the characters of importance went through some character development and left things one a positive note. Bitter sweet and cynical endings have no place in musicals unless there are other factors that make it stand out. But even then it defies the purpose of most musicals. They are there to lift the spirit up aren't they? And this is what The Greatest Showman does. Especially the song This Is Me is a good example of this. It's not just a song you listen to and then say it's nice. No, it's a song that grabs you, inspires you to the core and makes you weep with joy. Name me one song in that overrated piece of crap called La La Land that has that effect. Most of the musical numbers also make good use of the talents and skills involved plus is not afraid to mash it up with extremely stylish special effects. Making look everything immensely more beautiful and spectacular. Speaking of talents. The Greatest Showman points out the huge difference it makes when you actually have people who can sing and dance unlike Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone.  

The Greatest Showman may feature a real historic figure. It never pretended to be an accurate and true to fact representation of that figure. So to then call out the film for misrepresentation of that figure is stupid. BTW PT Barnum played by Hugh Jackman is not your traditional good two shoes hero. He very much is a douche bag and someone who exploits people like the real one. Except he redeems himself somewhat in the end. And what exactly is wrong with that? It's like critics are just looking for things to hate on when they are struggling to find any. The story does take a few illogical jumps and goes through events in lightning speed. Then again which musical is not guilty of this? But at least that is legitimate criticism I can stand by.

Ignore the naysayers and watch this film. It will be well worth your time as it will lift your spirit and will make you feel real good at the end. 

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Review Black Panther (2018): Is it a masterpiece? Not by a long shot. But it's very solid and entertaining!

genre: comic book adaptation, super hero, action, adventure

The hype for Black Panther was gigantic. And the teaser trailer certainly got me excited. But as with most hyped films they often can't deliver on what they promised. Black Panther does deliver but to say it's a milestone is a big stretch.

Of course I am aware that it could be seen as an important movie for black people as it portrays them vastly different from the usual stereotypes. That makes it current and fresh but to say that this film will blow you away? First and foremost this is a Marvel film within a set universe and as much as we would want to it won't be vastly different from the other Marvel films. They follow a certain structure especially when it comes to the origin stories. Black Panther may technically be more like a follow up it does play out as one so don't expect huge twists and turns. Black Panther very much is a predictable affair and there is nothing wrong with that since it's the tone and interactions between characters that give this film it's own unique flavour. Black Panther toys around with the general perception people have of African countries. Wakanda might be exceptional it certainly isn't that far removed from the richest countries in Africa currently apart from the fantastic elements naturally. Eddie Murphy already showed us the other Africa in his comedy Coming to America. And Black Panther might even have a lot of similarities. Although it does go a few steps further where for example women also are called upon when they have to battle. One of the highlights for sure are the warrior women led by Okoye (Danai Gurira). They are fierce and very resourceful. Then there is T' Challa's partner Nakia who serves Wakanda on her own terms cloak and dagger style. Last but not least you have T' Challa's younger sister who is a little defiant but brilliant scientist and inventor doing her part. I can see how that these characters can inspire and make people feel empowered. It's glorious to see them in action. They certainly help make the action more exciting.

I wished I could say the same about the story and the villain. Like I said it's very predictable and slightly weak. Especially when it's the villain concerned. They didn't go far enough. As they could have really made an impact with Erik Killmonger and the injustice that has been done to him. Now he is your typical bad guy just there to cause some pain. I found his introduction to be very uninspired. Most of the story in the first part was very thin and stretched out to the extent that I almost lost interest. Fortunately the second part makes up for all the flaws of the first part and gives the story some meat and substance. It's when you learn more about other important characters and how important they are in relation to T' Challa and Wakanda. 

Overall Black Panther is a very solid entry in MCU but it won't blow people away as was hyped. It's too flawed and predictable for that. But it has made me look forward to seeing Wakanda and it's characters in future sequels as in other MCU films like they did in Avengers; Infinity War.

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Review Slumber (2017): Fails to terrify even when it does it best to be sincere!

genre: horror

Slumber is a film that relies on a familiar tale that many might have experienced themselves. However it fails to build on that premise and come up with something fresh.

The biggest problems that it follows stereotypical horror tropes like there is no tomorrow. And it doesn't make sense since a lot of characters blatantly deny or ignore evidence that is right in front of them. It's aggravating and unrealistic. I know perhaps it's too much to ask for a horror film to be realistic since it deals with topics that aren't real. However you can't allow yourself to fake the reactions of characters to the events they experience. Whether they are real or not at the time they occur they feel real. It's one thing to explain supernatural events with logic and common sense. But to still suspect someone for a criminal act while there is proof that clears the suspect is problematic. It makes you look stupid and ignorant. I really like Maggie Q and most of the time she gives a lot of credibility to the characters she plays. Here it's asked of her to be the opposite of a scientist with an open mind. And it doesn't really mash with what she has experienced as a child nor how she is supposed to be professional and competent. 

Slumber does manage to build up some tension and dread. Although it's pacing and stupidity of characters prevents you from getting truly immersed. At times it does feel like the makers of the film thought they were close to capturing the dread from for example the Insidious films. I could sense the intent. Unfortunately they failed miserably. After one or two scary moments I experienced not a single ounce of dread or terror. It was pretty laughable at one point. Especially when Amado played by Sylvester McCoy makes his entrance. You read it right. The seventh incarnation of Doctor Who has a small role in this flick. Sadly he can't save the film because the writing and direction is too unimaginative. Far too predictable. In this day and age that is unacceptable. Another big issue is the pacing. The film has a duration of 84 minutes which is quite short. Yet it feels like it's a two hour film. That's not a good thing. And I really tried hard to let the film get to me.

Ultimately Slumber is a giant waste of your time since it doesn't do anything remotely fresh or creative. Maggie Q deserves and McCoy deserve better.

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Review Suspiria (1977): The first in the Three Mothers trilogy!

genre: horror, giallo

Before I start with the review there seems to be some debate whether Suspiria is a giallo or not. If you compare it to most titles then Suspiria definitely is not typical. Still apart from the supernatural elements everything else is so giallo. For the most part Suspiria is a mystery or thriller where you don't know quite what is going on and it can be argued that not everything is what it seems. It is very possible that whatever we see on the screen is not real at all and someone could make a case that there is a logical explanation for everything. With that out the way let me start with my review.

Suspiria was a title I hear mentioned a lot of times when someone was discussing good horror films but somehow I never felt compelled to watch it. Then I saw the main character Juno mention it in the film with the same titlte and she was claiming it was THE scariest horror film in existence. Naturally such claims had to be investigated. Suspiria definitely has something about it that makes it super creepy and eerie. Especially the first time the terror is super strong. However once you find out what is going on it loses the fright and isn't terrifying at all. Although I think most horror films are less compelling on multiple viewings since the surprise element is gone. Still Suspiria does offer something to chew on if you are willing to. Right from the start when the main character Suzy Bannion (Jessica Harper) makes her entrance you can sense something weird is going on. That she is being watched. If you are oblivious to this fact the soundtrack composed and performed by Goblin makes sure you are haunted. Normally the soundtrack just adds to an already scary event. Here the soundtrack is an event itself. 

But this brings me to the events themselves. Don't worry not going to spoil anything. If you go in with the expectation to be terrified out of your mind then you are going to be disappointed. Even with all the love and goodwill I can acknowledge that Suspiria is incredibly flawed. It has some real pacing issues and main character Suzy Bannion is not fleshed out as much. Actually most of the characters you only get to know very superficially and you aren't really allowed to make up your own mind about them. That is real problematic if you are looking for psychological terror instead of the supernatural one. It would not have been an issue if the supernatural elements were more impressive and spectacular. Argento's use of colour and special camera techniques certainly help but the dread is not always convincing. 

That being said there is a whole lot of charm to this film. I like how unnerving it can be (on the first viewing) and that you are constantly looking in the background to see if something is there. Then there is the surrealism where everything is too damn colourful and you begin to wonder whether you truly can trust your eyes. Will this film be for everyone? No, I can say that with conviction. For me this is one of the best Dario Argento has made and is vastly superior to let's say The Lords of Salem that dealt with similar themes. 

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My thoughts on season finale Arrow Life Sentence S06E23 (SPOILERS)

The season finale of Arrow felt like a rush job to me. And I have very mixed feelings about it. One the one hand I liked it that Oliver was able to make things good between his friends and own up to his mistakes. But on the other hand the way this season has been concluded feels a bit lazy and anti climatic. 

Oliver is outed as The Green Arrow. By himself this time. At this point it hardly matters since are there people left  in this world who don't know who he is? The whole secret identity thing when it comes to super heroes has been done to death in all the media you can imagine. You would think that by now they would drop this plot element or at least do something significantly different with it. It's not interesting and completely pointless since most of what the Green Arrow has to overcome is not really tied to his identity. Somehow CW refuses to acknowledge this and milk it out like there is no tomorrow. Until this episode. While I am sure this will have some consequences I hope that they won't get in the way of the crime fighting. I sincerely hope that the identity issues will be put to rest. 

Quentin Lance's death. The writing concerning this has been very sloppy and inconsistent. It did not have the impact it was supposed to have. I like Lance and I hate to see him go but couldn't they have given him a better send off? He saves Laurel but then dies off screen without having dialogue with Laurel or Sarah. It's so stupid. They should and could have ended his life immediately after he got shot. His death would have had more impact and meaning.

Diaz escapes. Maybe I missed something but wasn't Ricardo Diaz supposed to be mortal? How did he manage to survive all his deaths? Although the same could be said about Oliver so let's forget I ever mentioned it. What I do think was very problematic was the way Laurel dealt with Diaz. She could have done far worse with her abilities. All she manages to do is blow him off the roof into the water. She intended to kill him. Why not kill him the same way she killed Vince? I truly hope this hasn't been a scam on her part and that she is still loyal to Diaz. That would make Quintin's sacrifice even less meaningful.

There were some solid moments that reminded me of why I love Arrow in the first place. However it also has moments that demonstrate how bad Arrow has gotten. The writing has been terrible this season and I really hope it will improve because I don't know how much more of this I can stomach. Normally a season finale makes you look forward to what is to come. Now I barely care. That's not a good thing!

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Review Tomb Raider (2018): Very plain and boring!

genre: video game adaptation, action, adventure

Once upon a time a younger Chrichton got introduced to a gem called Tomb Raider. A flat mate was playing it on his laptop and had urged him to check it out as well since according to him it was spectacular. And back then it truly was since it it did took old school adventuring to a whole new level. Tomb Raider had plenty of action but first and foremost was a puzzle game. In order to advance you were required to overcome some obstacles and get certain items. Only on occasion you were given hints. But most of the time you had to figure out for yourself how to solve the puzzles. Exploring the areas you were in was vital. It was more than the usual pixel hunting. You had to look out for traps and other dangers like wolves and bears. Fortunately you had enough tools and acrobatic skills to deal with those including the dual guns. That and you could save everywhere whenever you felt like it (at least on the pc version). It was very much needed since some levels were too big and complex and spared you a lot of frustration. And no it didn't make the games easier. The controls weren't as smooth and fluid as we are used today so the save system was to balance out things. This game was putting you in the shoes of an Indiana Jones type of adventurer with focus on tension and atmosphere. Gradually the games became less about puzzles and atmosphere and were more about big action sequences and spectacle. Ideal to make film adaptations of. The early films with Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft were based on the older games, the ones that have a special place in my heart and this reboot based on the rebooted game Tomb Raider 2013 which I also like but do acknowledge as something that has very little to do with the original games I love and cherish. 

When this film was announced I was astonished. Who was this made for? Since I don't think that there were many people wanting another Tomb Raider film. However since the rebooted game franchise was incredibly more cinematic it could have done something good with it. Reboot Tomb Raider was filled with high tension and adrenaline pumping action sequences. Too bad that this reboot film doesn't. If you have seen the trailer you will have seen all the spectacle that the film has to offer. If it weren't for the big names I could and would have mistaken this for an Asylum production with a little more budget they usually have. Although I did see the first ten minutes of Tomb Invader and was forced to stop watching since I almost became physically ill. So Tomb Raider obviously has better production values. But compared to the Angelina Jolie ones it's not. For some reason the scale of this project is small. So small that it never feels epic. However that might be explained due to this being intended as an origin story and how Lara becomes the icon we love. Completely overlooking the fact that only people who are familiar with the Tomb Raider franchise will be watching this in the first place. I don't believe for a second casual viewers would be interested in watching this. Basically you will be served a story you already know where nothing new or different is being told.  

One highlight though is the relationship between Lara (Alicia Vikander) and her father played by Dominic West. It's not perfect but done with a whole lot more respect than they did in the Jolie films. Lara's character is fleshed out a little more and it does make her more sympathetic. However for a film that is supposed to be based on the reboot game it has taken very little from it. Lara Croft in the game is young, naive and inexperienced. She has to go through a lot to arrive where she is at the end of the game. The character development in reboot film is laughable at best. She has little to no obstacles she needs to overcome. For example she already knows how to use a bow and arrows properly. In the game this was one of the most essential tools she had to learn to master. They could have at least given us a training montage of some sort instead of that flashback scene. It's also implied that Lara is highly and fully educated even when it's stated that she didn't go to university. Yet she manages to solve puzzles and avoid traps like she has been doing that all of her life. It's all a bit too convenient and takes away from what the game was set out to do. 

The story and events are far too predictable. Even the killer twist at the end. I knew it was coming the second I was introduced to this character. Now I rarely watch adventure films for their story. Often it's the thrills and action that make them more interesting. Unfortunately the thrills are absent. The action is adequate yet never exciting. At least in this department I was hoping for more. What's the point of having Daniel Wu (Into the Badlands), a martial artist, and someone who has starred in a high number of successful Hong Kong action flicks to do so little? Have the people who made this film even played the game? At one point it's one shootout after another. Granted one could argue they were going for the old school vibe and the more exploitative and atmospheric nature tied to the franchise even though technically there was very little of that in the reboot game. However there is not that much mysticism and discovery to marvel about. I would have applauded a Tomb Raider film where Lara had to face challenge after challenge and come out on top. 

Overall Tomb Raider is very forgettable. There is nothing that makes it stand out and actually makes the earlier films look like masterpieces. As an adaptation of a videogame you could say it's decent. Still judged as standalone film it doesn't do nearly enough to make it worth your time.    

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Review Game Night (2018): There is a certain charm to it but overall very disappointing!

genre: comedy, crime

When I saw the trailer I honestly thought this film was going to be a fun viewing experience. It seemed the type of film where farce and crime would be blended in a way that would make me laugh. What I got in return was nothing like that.

To be clear. Game Night is not awful. There are some factors that doesn't make it feel like an entire waste of time. However you will have to deal with the fact that most of the events are stupendous beyond belief. It is asked of you to accept all of the events and actions of the characters like they aren't idiotic. The only thing that stands in the way of that is the charm and appeal of some of the actors. Jason Bateman is one of those people who you will like no matter what. Even if he is a douche bag you find yourself rooting for him. Rachel McAdams was a little annoying at times but since she and Jason do have some good chemistry I was not bothered by her. The funniest and most compelling character was Gary played by Jesse Plemons. He is socially awkward and downright creepy. It provided the best comedy and yet he is not capitalised on. He has like three or four scenes tops. I really don't understand why he is so underused.

The writing is awful. The whole gimmick of the film where a group of people think they are playing a game while actually being part of real life criminal events could have provided many laughs. This concept is dropped very quickly and becomes a very plain crime film that you can't take very seriously. The trailer of Game Night made it seem that this would be  a film that would start as a comedy and then would transform into a thriller with lots of comic relief. I would have applauded that. But for some reason the film sticks to very easy and juvenile jokes that aren't very funny. One running joke for example is where Kevin (Lamorne Morris) is confronted with the fact that his high school sweetheart and now wife Michelle (Kylie Bunbury) has slept with a celebrity while they were on a break from their relationship and she refuses to tell him who it is. Lamorne is an expert when it comes to such story lines since most of New Girl  (a show he is in) consists of similar plots. Yet he doesn't even come close to the craziness of his Winston character.  Kevin wants to know but isn't as obsessed enough to find out who this celebrity is. Only one time do they show one thought concerning this instead of plural where they easily could have shown a progression of his anger and frustration. It would have been hilarious. There is barely to no conflict between the couple and not only is this highly unrealistic it's also very boring. Actually there is very little arguing and conflict between characters. That is what would have made things interesting. Even in silly films like these there should be some character development. It's non existent.

If it weren't for Plemons, Bateman and Kyle Chandler I would have given up on this film. I can't recommend this and I am real surprised to see so many raving reviews about this.

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Review Cobra Kai season 1 (2018 - ): Right balance between nostalgia and creativity making this an awesome viewing experience. And I dare to say that it even improves on the original film franchise!

genre: drama, martial arts, comedy

In short Cobra Kai is the story we deserved but didn't get since the big Hollywood honchos were more concerned with cashing in on the martial arts hype. Don't get me wrong I love the original Karate Kid. But it always bothered me that the characters weren't fleshed out as much as they should have been. Especially Johnny Lawrence played by William Zabka was done a major disservice. 

But Zabka has been given the chance to show what he and his character are made of. And it's glorious. First of all. He has aged well. He looks good, real good. That and he still can pull of some nice moves. But we knew he had that down to a tee. His biggest strength is his acting. He plays a character that is more than just a bad guy. There are layers to him we have never seen before and it makes us understand where he is coming from. Ralph Macchio as  Daniel LaRusso also makes quite the impact where at times he acts more like the villain than the good guy he used to be. I know that there is a theory where it's stated that Daniel is the real bully and they kind of played around with this notion. However they have done much more with his character. There are quite a few moments where both Daniel and Johnny look back and reminisce about their past. It's done with the utmost respect of the original material but also have managed to add more weight and depth to those moments. Apart from some soapy melodrama the writing is excellent. Almost every character you get introduced to go through some character development. In some cases real surprising ones. And best of all these developments matter. They aren't just filler. They have significance to the main plot. Cobra Kai also is a right mixture of drama and comedy. One minute you get confronted with superb drama. The next you are laughing real hard about the wacky interactions Johnny has with others. I was on the edge of my seat wondering what direction it would go. I had my expectations and suspicions. But I can promise you that you won't be able to guess. 

That makes me happy and sad at the same time since obviously they are planning to do more seasons. I am not entirely sure if they truly have enough story to make that as gripping and compelling as this first season was. But if they continue the route they have taken then I am really looking forward to season 2. In case you were wondering. Cobra Kai is superior to all the previous Karate Kid films including the reboot. Not only is the story telling better. The martial arts choreography is superb. BTW very binge-watch worthy. Not like you have a choice. Once you have seen the first episode you want to watch the rest.  

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Review Tenebre a.k.a. Tenebrae, a.k.a. Unsane a.k.a. Shadows (1982): One of Argento's best!

genre: giallo, thriller, mystery, horror

Tenebrae is one of those rare giallo's you can watch and enjoy multiple times even when you find out who the killer is. Since apart from the murder mystery there are many other elements that will demand your attention whether you want to or not.

One of these elements are the women. Incredibly beautiful and gorgeous women. Unfortunately the majority of these women fall victim to an incredibly ruthless killer who has a companion who is even more relentless and deadlier than he is. You will know who I am talking about when the moment is there. Is there significance to these women getting killed? Of course there is. Although Argento doesn't elaborate on it too much since he wants you to make the connection yourself. Don't worry it's pretty obvious. I read in another review that Argento was trying to poke fun at his critics and their criticisms. And in that light it does seem that the murders are bloodier and gorier than usual. Strangely enough it enhances the tension and dramatics since you don't want these women to get hurt or killed. Despite their flaws they don't deserve to be mutilated and killed like they are. So if this was done to cause agony to the critics the fans are the ones who are rewarded more giallo goodness. 

As in most good giallo's the style is just as or even more important than the story. And Tenebre is oozing with style. There are some scenes where Argento resorts to some super fancy camera work that reminded me of Sam Raimi where the camera almost seem to be flying. Then there are some events or sequences that play out like their own independent stories as if they were part from an ensemble film. Giving you more and different kinds of terror.  Last but not least next to the spectacular camera work you have shots that are used deliberately to misdirect you. Sometimes with very shocking results. 

The soundtrack is brilliant. Again Goblin doesn't disappoint. How is it possible that this band isn't more famous? Their music is always more than just an addition to the atmosphere. It often is a character just as essential as any other character in the film. 

Overall Tenebre is a real feast for the giallo fan. It has all the elements you expect and then some. So without a doubt a must watch!

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Review Godzilla (1998): Far superior to the 2014 one!

genre: kaiju, action, adventure, science fiction

When it was announced many fans of the Gojira / Godzilla franchise were skeptical. And to be fair this was very justified since Hollywood very rarely adapted the source material properly or fairly.  And apparently director Ronald Emmerich had disregarded all the rules given by Toho Studios regarding what they could do with Godzilla and what not. Emmerich even stated he didn't like the original Godzilla films. Such blasphemy! Despite all this I can say that while Ronald Emmerich's Godzilla seems more like a bigger and more fierce T Rex on an emotional level it resonates in the same way as the original films do. 

Godzilla is either seen as villain or hero in his films but in this adaptation he is just an animal doing what Mother nature dictated. Later in the plot it's very clear what his goals are and instead of the humans looking for more constructive and civilized ways to deal with it they opt for the usual and ignorant one. MDK. Murder Death Kill. Godzilla is a monster movie for sure but Godzilla isn't the monster. The humans are. We are only rooting for the humans because some of the characters like Dr. Niko Tatopoulos played by Matthew Broderick and Philippe Roaché played by Jean Reno are very likable. Their actions however are highly questionable and rather despicable. Especially in case of Niko since he had a friendly interaction with Godzilla and even was spared his life. Niko never vocally expresses how he truly feels about destroying and murdering Godzilla. I think it's implied that he is against it but has made the choice for the survival of the human race. Just to be clear I personally was rooting for Godzilla. 

How about the destruction and action? There is more than enough however it's far less than I had remembered. Because this Godzilla isn't really angry. And that is the biggest flaw and disappointment since for me the whole appeal of Godzilla is destroying as much as possible. At one point he does get furious but then the focus still is on the people. In a special on the Blu-ray the original Godzilla is shown. It points out why Godzilla is so loved. First of all, a man in a suit wreaking havoc looks better than any CGI creature. Second there is a charm to the old Godzilla that is hard to imitate or copy. You would think that the people behind Independence Day would up the ante just a little bit more.

Still this film does compensate it''s shortcomings with comedy and some nice surprises. Of course it could have been a lot better. But compared to the 2014 version this one is far superior. It is entertaining from start to finish. 

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Review Avengers: Infinity War (2018): Undoubtedly awesome and epic. Is it the film event I hoped it to be? Find out!

genre: comic book adaptation, super hero, action, adventure, science fiction

Ever since it was announced I was looking forward to see the ultimate Marvel crossover events on the big screen. To have all these superheroes and villains battle it across the many galaxies is something we never have seen before in cinematic history. So does Infinity War deliver on the scale and magnitude of the original comic book story?

Kind of. The film certainly is big, epic and overall awesome. But if like me you were hoping for more familiar superheroes making an entrance you will be slightly disappointed. To be fair that was an impossible task to begin with unless they would do a whole series where you would be able to pay attention to all the pivotal characters. I understand that they had to scale down the film and it's events. However some heroes for earlier films were missing and I am not quite sure why that is. Where was Hawkeye? And what about Ant-Man? It does seem like they left that for part 2. Personally I think two films simply is not enough. It should have been at least three where they also added the X-Men and Fantastic Four to the roster at least. Doesn't Disney own all the Marvel characters now?

Although it has to be said that the Russo brothers did an admirable job of having the characters we know and love do their thing. It is pretty coherent and easy to follow even if you haven't seen the Marvel Cinematic Universe films prior to this one. But of course it is recommended to have watched since it will make things clearer and more enjoyable. It's a feast for they eyes to watch our heroes do whatever it takes to stop the big bad Thanos. When the universe is at stake I very much would like to see these heroes fighting for us and each other. And that you will get plenty of. Especially the battle at Wakanda is very memorable. Since it's one of those sequences where you realize how bad things are for our heroes and the universe. At this point it also becomes clear that Thanos is probably the best villain of all the films since he is ten steps ahead every time. That and he has no problem taking on the strongest and most powerful heroes by himself. For a CGI character voiced by Josh Brolin Thanos is an example of how to do it right. Not once did it feel fake or unreal. They even managed to give Thanos some depth and complexity. 

The final part especially for a Marvel film is exceptionally bleak and dark. It certainly will leave an impression. I didn't feel entirely distraught since I know a second part is coming but still to end a film on a cliffhanger like this is pretty bold. What is most shocking that you aren't given a chance to deal with some of the events displayed. You aren't given comic relief right after like it usually happens. Instead they have moments that make you cherish and value certain characters even more. I am not going to lie. I wished they had more of those moments. But like I said then the film would either need more parts or be longer. Speaking of the duration. It never feels like the film is slow or boring. In fact as far as I was concerned they could have added an extra hour and I would not have mind one bit. I even sat through the end credits to watch the after credits scene. And it was worth it. 

Avengers: Infinity War certainly is an event of epic proportions. Could have easily been bigger but perhaps not practical. Maybe, just maybe they reserved that for the second part. In any case this is one of those films you really have to watch and experience in the cinema. It might be flawed but it's awesome!

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Review Legends of Tomorrow S03E18: The Good, the Bad, and the Cuddly (SPOILER FREE)

Legends of Tomorrow has been the most consistent and solid one compared to the other shows in Arrowverse. Perhaps because they have more freedom and options to different things. Or it could just be that the overall writing is slightly better and that the format has given a platform to known characters who deserved better. Wally West as Kid Flash and Constantine certainly have been showing what we have been missing out on. And to top it off they have given us a finale that was epic but light hearted as well. As if they were aware of the dangers of becoming too dark and brooding.

I don't know how or why it happened but The Flash and Arrow have become too dark for their own good. But to be honest that is something I could live with had the writing been stronger. This constant conflict and drama is off putting. It destroys what made the shows good in the first place. Legends of Tomorrow also had it's darker moments however it always made sure it at least had enough comic relief to relief the tension. Besides the characters in Legends of Tomorrow are treated with much more respect than the ones in The Flash and Arrow. The Flash is very powerful one episode and the next he can't even take on the villain of the week. Is it really that much to ask to have him at least be consistent with his powers. Arrow was on a roll but always was plagued with trust issues. It now has gotten to the point that the characters partnered with Oliver have no clue who he is and what he is about. Often all it takes is one misunderstanding and friends or partners are at odds with each other. Give me a break. It happens of course but not to the extent like in Arrow. Legends of Tomorrow does a better job of showing how a team could and should work. You accept for who they are and then try to work together despite the flaws. I like how the characters get the chance to redeem themselves quickly after they have strayed from the good path for some reason. The show also has demonstrated how they have become more effective as a team. 

The Good, the bad and the cuddly for the most part annihilates all the darkness from the previous episodes and gives us that old feel good vibe that make these superhero shows so entertaining. But at the same time it also manages to have just enough dramatical impact to remind you that it's not all fun and games. This episode was filled with  nice surprises throughout. But it also wraps up the main story very neatly and positive. It makes me look forward to what is to come. Proof that you don't always need to end on a dark and dramatic cliffhanger.

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