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Review Intruders a.k.a. Intrusos (2011): Heavily flawed but very much worth your time!

genre: horror, thriller

Intruders is full of suspense and thrills. Only not always very even. The problem is that the movie suffers from a narrative that makes it a confusing affair. But at the same time provides this  clever twist. Clever but also one that will make you scratch your head. What it is I won't spoil of course. Although I personally liked it even when it does ask you to suspend disbelief more than usual. However other than this neat trick I can't help but feel that the ending is empty. My biggest issue with the explanation is that the viewer is fooled from the start on purpose. In the two stories that we are presented to it is obvious that there is a connection somehow. One through the clever twist or trick and the second one through an explanation given in the movie on three occasions. It won't be hard to find those moments. However it is the explanation that will be the one that most viewers including me will have a problem with. Especially since you first have to overcome the initial realisation how much you have been fooled. The acting is adequate and Clive Owen does make the movie worth watching. But he is not at his best. Carice van Houten is wasted in her role. She barely has a dialogue or much to do. The times that she does she was incredibly annoying. The kid actors were good. They exactly understood what was needed to express themselves in order to be convincing. Intruders is never boring. It will keep you on your toes but won't be scary enough for some. And apart from the ending I do think this movie is worth your time. Maybe even a second time once you know what the deal is since Intruders is filled with signs and references.

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