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Review Veronica (2017): Solid as a rock!

genre: horror, drama

Writer / director Paco Plaza of [Rec], [Rec]² and [Rec]³: Génesis  brings us Verónica. A little more conventional and traditional as it's not shot in POV. The story is about a teen girl named Verónica. Because of her mother being a widow and having to work all the time she basically is the one who takes care of her two little sister and little brother. Next to these responsibilities she is a good student and is as social as she can be. On the day of an eclipse she and her best friend Rosa and another girl Diana decide to use a Ouija board. I don't think I have to tell you that this is a phenomenally bad idea.

Their seance or whatever you want to call it didn't turn out so good. You probably might have an idea of what occurred but I won't spoil it for you. In this case the least you know the best the viewing experience is. Even if you think you know what is going to happen there is a certain freshness added to the mix. It will make sense in one or two key scenes where we get confronted with Veronica's despair. She is a young girl hitting puberty and who still hasn't menstruated yet but already has a lot to deal with. Very rarely does she disobey or is mean to her siblings. She is very loving, calm and pretty mature. After the incident things go terribly wrong and she is put into the middle of events that would take a heavy toll on anybody.

The best thing about this horror film is that it doesn't rely on jump scares. It has a couple but when they happen they are effective. Often you don't even get cues from the sound. At times you can't even tell an event has started or not until you pay good attention to the screen. I can't stress this enough. This is a film you really need to be observant since a lot is going on in the background. When a camera moves around it usually does so because it has a purpose. Verónica does consist of good old build up of tension and atmosphere. There is some dread but a very subtle one. When things start to get out of control they really do get out of control. And while not always that effective or scary you never can shake the tragic feeling. It's because in this film you really are rooting for all the characters since they are immensely likeable. You don't want to see them get hurt. Even the characters who seem mean or despicable have very good reasons for the way they act. Except Diana. She is just a bitch.

It's not entirely on par with the [Rec] films but there is a consistent quality story and drama wise I could really appreciate. So it is one I can recommend especially if you can't get enough of these types of films. BTW for some this film can be very nostalgic since some of the songs of Spanish rockband Héroes del Silencio are featured. 

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