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Review Dream House (2011): Go in this blind. Don't watch the trailer. It spoils everything.

genre: thriller

Dream House is one of those movies the least you know about it the better the experience will be. As for most thriller and horror movies made these days the people who are making the trailers completely disregard the ethics when it comes to revealing spoilers. Dream House had such a trailer. And it completely ruins the movie since it is essential for the buildup. Not to say that Dream House has nothing else to offer. It does only the rest is rather bland compared to the big reveal halfway through. Luckily I am one of the few who had not seen the trailer and found myself enjoying the movie. I can't stress enough that people who want to experience movies as they are meant to should avoid trailers or forums and better stick to (spoiler free) reviews on the net. But the fact that I enjoyed the movie does not mean it is without flaws. Apart from the suspense until the important reveal one of the biggest flaws is the lack of other thrills or scary moments. Forget the fact that Dream House is not a haunted house movie. There could have been scenes to emphasize the atmosphere of the house or used as red herrings to suggest or hint that things aren't what they seem just to throw the viewer off guard. It would have enhanced the viewing experience considerably. Especially for avid fans of the genre like me since a lot of plot elements in the movie can be predicted early on. I don't mind cliche as long as it is backed up by some creativity combining these to done to death elements. It doesn't help that the pace also is too slow at times. But having said that most of these flaws are compensated by decent acting on part of Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz. Overall Dream House has just enough to offer if you aren't too critical.A movie to save for those rainy days or when nothing is on.

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