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Review Demonic (2015): Takes a while for it to get interesting but then it never lets up!

genre: horror

Demonic at first hand seems an uninspired, unoriginal and average horror flick. But in fact managed to surprise me in a good way.

You can divide Demonic in two parts. The first part where they set everything up and make you believe that you already know how it is going to end up. And the second part where things start to get exciting and thrilling. Mind you the film does it's best to serve you cliché after cliché. It really makes you think that you can predict of what is coming until the scene starts when one of the characters start to seeing things. Apparently this character has a connection with the house of some sorts. From that moment on things start to get interesting. It is then that you get a few real effective scares but where again you will be misdirected of what actually is going on. I went from not giving a damn to paying attention like my life depended on it. I was hardly looking at the screen and more concerned with the snack I had prepared for myself. I briefly looked up and then bam. No, I did not scream but it did fuel me with adrenaline and I was hooked. But that is to illustrate how effective these scares were. I have to mention that it really helps to have Maria Bello ( Butterfly on a Wheel) and Frank Grillo (The Purge: Anarchy) in the cast. They did give this film the weight it needed. Or at least made me wonder why they were attached to this project. 

Look, films and stories like these have been done to death. But I do think a movie deserves credit for managing to trick and surprise you with some genuine horror goodness. That is what Demonic does. All it requires though is to stomach the first 40 minutes and then you will be rewarded. So do give this flick a chance.

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