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Review Before I Wake (2016): Not what I expected to be but nice!

genre: drama, fantasy, horror

Before I wake is about a couple adopting a young orphaned boys who has a special ability. His dreams manifest physically as he sleeps. Is it real? How and why is he able to do that? And why is the boy trying to stay awake? 

Well, you will get a few answers but probably not the ones you want. However one of them will provide a little closure if you manage and choose not to think too hard about it afterwards. Because there are some things (very conveniently) left unexplained. I think horror fans for the most part will have a hard time accepting. Since while there certainly are some elements that are dark and creepy Before I Wake is not a straight up horror film. The few scares were good but they won't cut it as this is far from a roller coaster ride full of tension and thrills. 

But the film does pay attention to some things that I myself found to be very interesting. And it concerned the grief stricken mother played by Kate Bosworth and her actions after finding about the boy's ability. Thomas Jane is incredibly likable as the adoptive father but unfortunately he doesn't get to do that much which is a real shame since he deserves better. Then there is the boy Cody (Jacob Tremblay) who is like the most adorable kid ever. He is polite, sweet and independent. Obviously there is something wrong with him because no kid I know is like that. But it makes you care about him a lot and helps you draw in the tragedy he is part of. 

So be warned that this film is not a traditional horror where they try to scare the hell out of you all the time. It's more about people coming to terms with certain issues. And the film does get you involved into what is happening. Not entirely what I expected but nice nonetheless.

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