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Review The Possession (2012): A very entertaining horror and a little underrated if you ask me!

genre: horror, supernatural

The Possession is not a horror that tries to do something new. Even if it easily could have. For the most part, there is a good build-up in suspense and has enough creepy and scary moments to qualify itself as a solid horror. 

Now some scary moments are limited to violent and at times unbelievable scenes but they are done so well that they do grab you by your throat and make you keep watching. The increasing eeriness is enhanced by the excellent performances by Jeffry Dean Morgan and Natasha Calis (Em). They are the ones that make it worth your while. As was the direction. There wasn't a moment where you thought that it dragged or that scenes were filler. Maybe the one complaint people could have is that there aren't enough scenes where the demon or spirit is acting out.Well,I thought that using these kind of scenes sparingly were adding to the suspense. OK, let me address the fact that some people are disappointed that The Possession doesn't come close to the Exorcist. It is not clear to me why all of a sudden that is expected. Just because the theme is somewhat similar doesn't mean all movies should. The Possession does have a clever angle story wise and could have been more convincing if the director had chosen to trick the viewer by making the viewer doubt about certain events. 

Only that would have made it a completely different film, less original and maybe even less powerful. Not every horror film has to have a twist or surprise. The Possession is a very entertaining horror and a little underrated if you ask me.

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