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Review Jurassic World Dominion (2022): Solid conclusion to the Jurassic World trilogy!

genre: adventure, action, science fiction

Contrary to many other people, I wasn't opposed to Jurassic World. I thought it was a fun monster film and should have been seen as such. I thought Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom would follow the trend, but then decided to be a bit convoluted and preposterous even for the fantasy that these films are. However, Jurassic World: Dominion corrects many of the things that went wrong.

Don't get me wrong. A lot of things still are illogical due to the mistakes made in Fallen Kingdom. But instead of dwelling on them, they very wisely move on and act like they don't exist. One thing that is a major improvement on Fallen Kingdom is the pacing. There isn't a single dull or boring moment in the film. Anyone who claims otherwise are lying. The action and spectacle is of such a calibre that you have no choice but to watch and enjoy it. Natural, the WOW factor is gone as we are so used to seeing dinosaurs on the big screen. There are still enough moments where you will be amazed by the sheer magnitude and presence of these creatures.

Dominion also never actually gives you time to think about events. You go from one scene to another and will immediately forget whatever mistakes or flaws you have detected. And to be honest, that is what I expect of big blockbuster monster films like these. I really don't want to get bogged down by science or reality. I mean, come on, all of this is one big fantasy. So why even ruin it for yourself to get bothered about things not being realistic. Speaking of. When I had seen the trailer, I did think the dinosaurs seemed to look a little fake to me. And while most of the time this is not the case in the film, there are moments where the creatures look fake. I think that has to do with the lighting. Whereas in the original they made sure you couldn't see the flaws, here the dinosaurs are more exposed. To be honest though, once I decided not to get bothered about the visuals I found myself believing anyway. There are still plenty of tension and thrills to experience.

The return of characters from the older franchise combined with the new was a welcome addition. Certainly more than just fan service. It's a joy to see Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum doing their thing. They both have aged well. The same can't be said of Laura Dern. Oh, and a thing I do have to add, that for once there is only one child actor who isn't annoying. So yes, I Jurassic World Dominion is very flawed for sure but a lot of fun. And after having been disappointed for years now by many triple A Titles I think that is all I could hope for!

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