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My thoughts on Lion du périph a.k.a. The Takedown (2022), The Gray Man (2022), Ambulance (2022), The Black Phone (2022) and Incantation (2022)

These last months I have seen quite a lot of films but haven't been compelled to write reviews about. For the most part, it's because these films did not live up to the hype or even delivered what I expected from these genre films. So instead of full reviews, I will briefly share my thoughts with you.

Starting with The Takedown. Apparently this is the sequel to On the Other Side of the Tracks which can't be seen on Netflix. Perhaps that is a blessing in disguise, since most of the fun to be had are the dynamics between the two leads played by Omar Sy and Laurent Lafitte. Tonally, the film is all over the place. If it had a remained a comedic buddy cop film, then this might have been better. But like many films these days, they are trying to do more and add thriller elements that simply don't work. Especially since the approach is beyond preposterous. 

Strangely enough, I did have fun watching since it's quite light and very suitable to relax to after a hard day's work.

The Gray Man was a film I was real hyped up for. Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans and Ana de Armas in Russo Brother's film. It really looked like it was going to be this year's Extraction, but bigger and better. Well, forget about better. Extraction definitely is vastly superior to The Gray Man. Although there are hints of cool combat to be enjoyed in this film. It's only never quite on the level of Extraction, and I don't understand why that is not the case. The Russo Brothers have demonstrated many times with their Marvel films to know good action. Perhaps though they had help in that department. I wouldn't have cared about bad acting, bad story, bad everything else had the action been stellar. With the action being merely adequate, you are stuck with the characterization and other elements. But most characters are flat. The only one having fun is Chris Evans, who has a moustache that doesn't suite him at all. Like he straight came from seventies porn shoot. Gosling looks bored most of the time, and I agree with the sentiment that he is miscast. This film also demonstrates that less is more. Especially concerning the camera work. Lots of drone shots are used. They look cool but don't add anything other than nausea.

There is just enough there to get your action fix. It's just not that memorable. A real shame if you ask me.

This brings me to Ambulance. It feels very similar to The Gray Man. High on action and spectacle, but with very little else to intensify that action. Surprisingly, this Michael Bay directed film is a lot more grounded and restricted than The Gray Man. Sure, Bay lets loose from time to time, but he does give you time to breathe a little. He does pay some time to the characters. Not to the extent I would like to, but still enough to make you care about them. And here lies the biggest difference between these two blockbuster films. I didn't really care about Six in The Gray Man. I mean, I am rooting for him, since it's obvious I should. In Ambulance, you actually get to choose who you want to side with. Every character has their good and bad sides. They are a little more complex. And this film demonstrates that drones can be a real asset in filmmaking. You get to see shots that do add to the immersion. 

So yes, Ambulance is entertaining in the right mindset but make no mistake it's incredibly dumb and silly. 

The Black Phone, from the same people who made Sinister, are back with this supposedly bone chilling horror. The Black Phone definitely is a step-up compared to Sinister 2, but it's not a horror nor a thriller. There was some real good tension and atmosphere in the first fifteen minutes. But after the fifteen minutes everything becomes predictable to a tee. There is no tension whatsoever. It easily could have been, but for some reason they didn't even try. I liked the lead, the sister and his best friend. They really helped make you care about the events. But Ethan Hawke as the villain, for example, was almost useless. He is the villain. Only there is nothing really compelling about him. The masks he wears are more impressive. Perhaps visually, you could get intimidated by that. Action wise, he does very little. At least that is shown to you. He does seem to do quite a lot in the background. But that didn't sell the terror to me. 

I liked the ending, but not the journey. I was supposed to feel and experience dread and got none of it. The hype surrounding this film is ridiculous. Don't buy into it. 

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Last but not least, there is Incantation. It's on Netflix. Did you know it was? I happened to see it mentioned somewhere. But no mention of it to me in my recommendations or on YouTube. Sure, Incantation might be heavily flawed and a little slow. But for horror fans, this is an absolute must-watch. Did you like The Medium and The Wailing? Well, Incantation feels very similar. Like The Medium, this is a found footage film. One could argue about the legitimacy of this, seeing how at times the camera seems to be moving on its own. Even when, if you think about it, there is a perfectly logical answer to that within this world. Sometimes you just have to roll with the dice you have been given, and you will be rewarded for that. 

Definitely worth your time. The ending could have been better, but still I was entertained throughout.

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