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Review Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018): Don't bother. Even with low expectations it will disappoint!

genre: adventure, action, science fiction

Let me be blunt about it. Up until this moment I have enjoyed all the Jurassic Park films including Jurassic World. But Fallen Kingdom was awful. Not that it was super bad. But it simply wasn't fun or entertaining. Apart from a few scenes, Jurassic World was completely boring.

And trust me, I had no high expectations whatsoever nor was I being overly critical. I just couldn't enjoy myself. Probably because even more so than it's predecessor, the story was nonsensical. I mean creating dinosaurs already is pretty godlike. However there was some kind of scientific logic attached to it. Incredibly flawed of course. Now all logic is thrown overboard and you have to roll with things. Now normally I can do that very easily. This time I failed. Almost every event was predictable. Scratch that. Every event played out the way you would expect it too. Worse was the fact that there barely was any compelling banter between the main characters. All of them took things very seriously. Even Pratt's character. Actually now I think about it, all of the dialogue was incredibly generic. Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt supposed to be ex lovers. So apparently their relationship didn't work out too well. The reason for this is beyond stupid. I mean they couldn't even come up with something sensible to explain their break up. It would have been so fun if it had been a small thing and that they would keep on discussing that while being chased by super huge dinosaurs. Speaking of dinosaurs. There was no wow factor. There wasn't a single scene where I was impressed. The spectacle didn't connect with me. It could also be that this time the horror element was toned down significantly. Real stupid if you ask me. Because the whole point of dinosaurs is the fact that they can tear us apart whenever they feel like. How can humans even stand a chance against these giant creatures?

Granted I did feel for them. The dinosaurs were being treated like they were a pest or cash cow. Even the people who are supposed to respect them didn't really seem to care that much. Where was the emotion and the investment? But what about the action and adventure? Should it not have been exciting at least? And come on. What they do with these dinosaurs is pretty ridiculous. If you expect me to buy it you really have to bring and own it. Not once does Fallen Kingdom convince.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is a real disappointment and this is coming from someone who had a blast with it's predecessor. Just don't bother with this one.

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