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Review Jurassic World (2015): Don't listen to naysayers this is a very fun monster film!

genre: adventure, action, science fiction

Was there really a need for yet another Jurassic Park movie and how does this fare in the franchise?

Well, when it comes to sequels, remakes and reboots, I for the most part would say that they aren't needed unless they add something truly new and unique in the mix. Or they at least upgrade it special effects wise but still manage to stay true to the spirit of the original. However, in this case I would say I did not mind this sequel which basically in essence is more a reboot. It's the same story as in the first with the same themes only updated with today's effects. 

Jurassic World takes it time to set up events, but when they start happening it is thrilling and all good fun. Still, it does take a while to get to those, and it is in this part that you find out that there is not much new to the story. But I did like how a lot of the plot was build on the nostalgia factor based on the original. Meaning that if you have seen the original and still can remember it that automatically you would appreciate the scenes that referred to the original. Like I said when things start happening, Jurassic World is action packed and incredible fun throughout. Not once did it let me down, and even managed to surprise me at times. 

Now I have been reading some reviews, and I am astonished that so many people disliked this entry. Most of the complaints are about characters not developing or not being colourful enough. The plot not being original. The action not bloody and gory enough. And that some plot points were never explained fully. Let me reply to these criticisms. Had Jurassic Park truly been more than just a monster movie than maybe I would have understood the outrage. Still, Jurassic Park was just that. It was always a movie about man versus beast or sometimes beast versus beast. Ever since King Kong and Godzilla, that always had been the main draw. If you can't appreciate this, then you have no business watching these kinds of movies, let alone critique it.

Jurassic World, despite it's slow pace in the first half hour, is a very fun monster film. Very much worth your time.

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