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Review Cult of Chucky (2017): Chucky is back with new tricks!

genre: horror

Cult of Chucky is the sequel to Curse of Chucky, the part to revive the Child's Play franchise. It was a return to real horror since creator and director Don Mancini himself claims that Seed of Chucky is a comedy more than horror. I think both Bride of Chucky (Ronny Yu) and Seed of Cucky went into directions it shouldn't have so I am glad that he took Chucky back to his roots. Cult of Chucky follows this path but also embraces some of the comedic elements and this blend is surprisingly effective. 

Don Mancini also has opened up a new trick of bags for Chucky which makes him a bigger threat than ever before. Naturally you will have to find out for yourself what those tricks are.  But this could mean real big things in future. And Nica played by Fiona Dourif (daughter of Brad Dourif who does the voice of Chucky since the original) is going to be part of that. Poor Nica again is being terrorized by Chucky after she was convinced she had come to terms with her traumatic experience. While Nica is far from the weak and unstable person she is seen as, she has been subjected to some real horrors without realizing it. The fact that she has been able to come to grips with those is a testimony of her character. The same could be said of Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent) who also seems to have been able to overcome his fears. Unfortunately the pure evil that is Chucky can't let go of the past and still wants to toy with them. To our amusement of course since seeing Chucky in action is incredibly enjoyable. And like in most of the films people have a hard time believing this "Good Guy" doll can wreak such havoc. 

Now this doesn't mean that Cult of Chucky is a non stop killing fest. Like Curse of Chucky it went the atmospheric route and only goes for the kills when necessary. Chucky obviously is also toying with the audience. But when the kills occur they are relentless and gory. Easily the goriest in the franchise. I appreciate what Don Mancini was going for but at times the more moderate and slow pacing broke the tension a little. Some of the characters didn't act natural or rational enough. Makes sense if you know that most of the movie takes place in a mental asylum. But the nurses and doctors were hardly stable themselves. Even Chucky is surprised by this: " And they call me sick? "

Overall Cult of Chucky delivers and with the new bag of tricks it's going to be interesting what future projects will bring. Long live Chucky! 

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