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Review The Beekeeper (2024): Can't wait for this to become a franchise!

genre: action, crime

When we first get introduced to The Beekeeper, played by Jason Statham, he is just that, a beekeeper. Taken in by Eloise Parker, played by Phylicia Rashad. He downright states that he was saved by her, so obviously he is very fond of her. Then tragedy strikes, Eloise gets scammed in the most filthy way ever and she commits suicide. 

Maybe this sounds pretty over the top, but people who are conned in this manner lose more than money, they lose their pride, dignity and more important, trust in humanity. And these scammers know very well who to target, they always go for the most vulnerable people in society. Immediately, you feel the need for wrath. Naturally, Statham is the best person to act out the anger and revenge on Eloise's and our behalf. He definitely doesn't waste time and is not even afraid to hurt the authorities to reach the crooks who are behind the scam. Eventually, it does get ridiculous considering the people involved. But I think that is done to show how relentless and powerful The Beekeepers are. Apparently, they are the ones you call upon when every other agency has failed. Once they are involved, there is no stopping them. And of course Statham is The Beekeeper of all The Beekeepers. We love him for it!

So yes, the film is ludicrous and simple. But it's also very effective. This film demonstrates how little you need to keep the plot and events going. Some big names like Jeremy Irons and Minnie Driver probably are just hired to give this film more credibility, but they certainly don't hurt the film by being there. It also is an example that you don't always need that much exposition or even twists and turns. All you need is a man on the mission and sympathy for the cause. Jason Statham is able to deliver on this in the most spectacular and entertaining way ever.  I therefore, can't wait for this to become a franchise!

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