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Review Exhuma a.k.a. Pamyo (2024): Definitely, a must watch!

genre: horror, mystery, thriller

If I had to compare, Exhuma reminded me a lot of The Wailing. Also, a film that seems to make fun of events at first before it becomes more serious and grave. There is a sense of dread and terror but only slightly. Most of the thrills are coming from the unexpected. 

Like Kim Sang Deok (Choi Min-sik), Ko Young Geun (Yoo Hae-jin), Hwarim (Kim Go-eun) and Bong Gil (Lee Do-hyun), the audience is taken on a journey with the end goal figuring out the mystery and trying to fight the evil surrounding it. These aren't ordinary people. Kim Sang Deol is a Feng shui master, Hwarim is a shaman and Ko Young Geun is a mortician. They are quite familiar with the strange and supernatural. So to see them spooked obviously is compelling. I thought it was very interesting to see how they did their jobs and then went beyond for the sake of humanity. Of course, if they didn't, we would have a short film, but that is beside the point. There is one pivotal moment in the film where the characters could have left things for what they are. Then again, ever had this nagging feeling something is not quite right. Well, the main characters have this feeling constantly. 

The core of the story is the mystery and remains compelling until the end. But to be fair, I had expected more chills and terror. In that regard, it easily could have been scarier. Actually, once you realize what is going on, it should upset you. That being said, it's fun to see our main characters deal with a seemingly unstoppable force. How anybody can find that boring is beyond me. It's a good thing that the film takes time to build up suspense. Especially where they tried to keep things relatable and grounded as much as possible.

I read some reviews where people were complaining how boring this was. But if I had to guess, they skipped through the film whithout taking the time to follow the story. There is no way, you can find this boring if realize what is at stake. So, definitely, a must watch!

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