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Review V/H/S/2 (2013): Spectacle of gore and violence takes precedence over atmospheric horror but that is ok since it is quite thrilling and fun!

genre: horror, thriller

V/S/H/2 is the sequel that is bigger and more spectacular than the original horror anthology. But does that make it better? 

While technically this sequel is improved I would not necessary say it's better. It's incredibly fast paced and looks a whole lot better. Less jarring and certainly better camera work. Much less shaky cam. Thank you ever so much. However that doesn't mean it will prevent you from twirling and spinning. Since most of the segments will make you shake because of it's brutal visuals. Especially the ones from "Safe Haven" will get to you. It's atmospheric, bloody, gory, thrilling and chilling. This and segment "Phase I Clinical Trials" wonderfully blend atmospheric horror with spectacle. The others are mostly violent and gory. For the most part done in unique and creative ways. Story wise less surprising and predictable. Don't worry though. The number of WTF moments are increased considerably. You can say a lot about this sequel but not that it's dull or uneventful. If anything it might be a little too action packed. Still I did like it that the segments never outstayed their welcome and that most of them ended strongly,

They did connect this part with the original somewhat but then went into another direction without explaining too much. But it's not that hard to figure it since both anthologies are based on the premise of a bunch of people watching videos and then get into trouble themselves. Like the tapes they are watching are cursed or are part of an elaborate plan. Who knows maybe V/H/S/Viral will reveal more. Of course this premise is just the excuse to get served these delightful little segments but let's keep that between us. 

So is it better? I think because of a change in tone it's different and very much on par with the original. "Safe Haven" (directed by Gareth Evans from The Raid) easily is the most superior of all the segments so far. And would like to see more of those in future. I also liked how they came up with creative uses of the camera. It brought a great deal of variety into the predictable stories. If they keep making these anthology films like this and the original I will keep watching them. 

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