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Review Eyes of Crystal a.k.a. Occhi di cristallo (2004): One of the better modern giallo's!

genre: giallo, thriller

Eyes of Crystal doesn't waste a minute with unnecessary subplots or other distractions. Right from the start you are taken on a ride where random but brutal events occur and it is up to Inspector Amaldi and you to make sense of them and connect the dots. Of course there is more than enough misdirection to keep you guessing. It wouldn't be a good giallo otherwise.

Amaldi is a cop who for some reason takes crime fighting a little too serious as he often has the tendency to go all Charles Bronson on the poor defenceless criminals. It might make him dangerous but at the same time a very driven and excellent police officer. So he has our sympathy. Although I kept in mind that this being a giallo and all it could be very possible that we can't fully exclude Amaldi as a suspect. Actually none of the characters you are introduced to can be dismissed as we don't get to know them well enough until the plot allows it. Part of the reason why Eyes of Crystal is suspenseful from beginning to end. Another reason is the meticulous and efficient killer who is not afraid of the police in the slightest. The killer mocks them whenever he can. On top of that you get served a healthy dose of blood and gore to put you on edge.

That being said, we don't learn enough about the motives of the killer for murdering people. The answers are given are cliché and pretty standard so that was a little disappointing. Then again it did not detract from the overall viewing experience since the tension never lets up. Even once the credits roll. The dark passenger in me sometimes just wants more darkness and gloom. Everything else though is in tip top shape. Eyes of Crystal is very stylish and has a good soundtrack that elevates the grimness/ The plot might not be entirely original or creative but it is serviceable and like I said there are no distractions whatsoever. Very refreshing to see a film with such a focused narrative. 

Overall Eyes of Crystal is one of the better modern day giallo's that does more right than bad. I wished the genre would be revived already. We are in dire need of on the edge of your seat thrillers like this.

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