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Review Annabelle: Creation (2017): The rare case where the sequel is better than the original!

genre: horror, mystery, thriller

After the horrendous It (2017) I really felt like a good horror film and this sequel to Annabelle is exactly that. Did he just say that Annabelle: Creation is a good horror film and It isn't? Well, I didn't technically say it but that is what I was implying and claiming. Allow me to explain.

By no means is this a perfect horror film. In fact it's very flawed and perhaps a little conventional. However at the same time it does have some elements to it that provide the horror goodness I require. I need build up of suspense and tension. You don't need things to be exciting and over the top all the time. Less is more. Especially when you have a creepy looking doll like Annabelle staring at you. I like it when a film demands you to pay attention. This is one of those films where a lot of things are happening in the background. If you aren't looking or are too distracted you will miss out on the fun. But when events start to shift into high gear the film is not afraid to go all out and show you as much creepiness and weirdness they can. You are left in the dark about certain events since it helps create genuine suspense and better still misdirection. That is, if like me, you like to speculate and guess what is going on exactly. It is the one thing that increases the dread. Of course this might be slow and may seem uneventful on the surface. But the pay-off is substantial and worth the wait.

What really surprised me was how well this sequel is connected to the original. This is not a case where the film makers desperately are trying to make you forget Annabelle was made. Instead they try to make you embrace it and give you means to enjoy it a whole lot better than if you were to watch and judge it on it's own merit. Somehow the people involved have elevated the original to new heights by making it relevant. That kind of input should be commended and applauded.

Overall Annabelle: Creation has given me that horror goodness I want and crave. In this day and age that apparently is asking too much. Naturally I would favour people who tried and succeeded. So keep 'em coming.

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