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Review Underworld: Blood Wars (2016): A major downgrade!

genre: action, adventure, fantasy

The first two Underworld films were far from good but I remember that they offered some decent and but not entirely memorable entertainment. This trend changed with Underworld: Rise of The Lycans which I thought was the best in the whole series until Underworld: Awakening came along. It was slightly better than the third part in the franchise and managed to up the ante spectacle and fun wise. And to be honest had they ended the franchise right there and then I would have not mind. But of course corporate wouldn't be corporate if they wouldn't milk the cow dry. Thus we have Underworld: Blood Wars. 

If I had to sum up what I thought of this fifth (and please god let this be the final) part in one word I would use underwhelming. It's like someone saw all the parts in the franchise and copied and pasted the best they could but then removed every element that made those films so fun in the first place. Gone is the high octane and thrilling action and back is the pointless brooding of characters we don't really care for. But the absolute worst offense is the fact that Kate Beckinsale as Seline is reduced to a secondary character. She is not in this film as much as I would like and the little time that she is in the film is more wasted on everything but action. Does director Anna Foerster realize that Kate Beckinsale is one of the main reasons we like the Underworld film franchise? We love watching her kick butt. Just as we liked Rhona Mitra doing the same in Rise of the Lycans. Why push Theo James on to us? Not that I have problems with him. I like him because of the Divergent franchise but to suddenly bring him to the forefront while pushing Kate back is all kinds of wrong. Another huge problem this film has is the lack of spectacle. There was one sequence that showed a hint of the awesomeness that was Underworld: Awakening. Only that lasted like thirty seconds or so. Every other action scene was by the numbers and boring to be honest. There were a couple of times where I was praying for the action to stop and the film to be over already. For a ninety minute film that is never a good sign. A film like this should give you the type of action you never want to be over. It should be so exciting and exhilarating that you want to keep watching. But if even an action aficionado like me says it's enough then you just know how bad this film was. Sure there seemed to be an emphasis on the so called riveting intrigue and power struggles. Not only was that pointless. It also detracted from the action instead of intensifying it. 

If you loved the third and fourth like me then you will be completely disappointed with this hopefully final part. It sucked out the life of me (pun intended) since it simply was no fun at all. Trust me skip this one!

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