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Review Salt (2010): Popcorn entertainment nothing more nothing less!

genre: action, crime, mystery, thriller

Underneath is my initial review of the film many years ago (review updated on 06-03-2022). 

While I was expecting a little more sophistication in the plot department I realized that such a thing couldn't happen when US versus Russia is at play. (To my knowledge the Cold War is over and the spy business has become more complicated than ever. This oversimplification of old enemies and their wars is too much.) The plot is all over the place and realism is thrown out of the door. There are too many things happening in the movie that are too convenient and even impossible. Still it didn't keep me from enjoying this movie. It even managed to thrill me at occasions even if I was aware that most of the plot was nonsense. Jolie does an excellent job as the action heroine. The action is that makes this movie tick and that is almost the only thing that should count in a movie like this. Ignore the bashing and trashing of Jolie. This is pure entertainment!

Today I watched the director's cut of the film and think my comments still hold up. Except I want to add something to it.

So what is it that I want to add. There are a couple of things I have noticed that fleshed out Salt a little more. When Evelyn Salt visits her home, she makes sure her dog is out of harms way and taken care off. It might be a tiny detail for many, but it does speak in her favour when it comes to life and death matters. Then there is another scene where your sentiments about her are questioned. For a pretty long time. Jolie does a good job of convincing you as her expression seems off, but there is a determination there that is quite creepy. Her performance is very vital in drawing you into the story, especially since it's so far-fetched.

Considering recent events with Russia attacking Ukraine. It does make a lot of films, including this one seem incredibly silly. War is more brutal and mundane, and not nearly as cartoony as shown. Sure, information is still key and obtaining it is far more useful than actual assassination plots. But watching people read a bunch of documents or sitting behind a computer all the time wouldn't be that exciting now, would it? Still, that is what happens in reality. Do I prefer reality or fantasy? Fantasy of course. Real life Russia attacking a nuclear power plant, for example, is easily more scary than what happens in this film. 

Does the action still hold up? I think if you never have seen the film and don't have high expectations, I think it does its job. It definitely is a showcase for Angelina Jolie and her ass kicking abilities. She clearly loves doing action when she is up for it.

So yes I stand by my first review. It's good fun, nothing more nothing less!

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