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Review Moon (2009): Adequate but not brilliant or thought provoking at all!

genre: science fiction, drama, mystery

Somehow I knew it was too good to be true. All this praise and people keep saying how this was thought provoking and original. Yeah, if you truly think that than you are one big noob. Moon clearly is derived from 2001: A Space Odyssey and Solaris. Granted it pays homage but that immediately debunks originality.

Furthermore Moon does not provoke thoughts that much. Yes, it did strike some cords with me dramatically but that was not because I was so impressed with the subject touched upon. Actually I found it entirely lazy and convenient. Soon after the weirdness started to evolve I was imagining things far more horrific and psychological. It would have been more logical and dramatic. Duncan Jones destroys this by implementing a twist that mostly ruined the film for me. The reveal came far too early and it rarely has real impacts other than a few scenes where character Sam (played by Rockwell) is exposed to some vicious cruelty. Moon tries to put you on edge and wants to keep in you in darkness. The atmosphere is very gloomy overall and therefore it is incomprehensible how Jones gives us the ending like he did. It's a light and positive one which does not mash with the tone of the film.

I kind of agree with the general sentiment that Sam Rockwell gave a good performance. But I have seen him do better. Still he managed to make you care about him so much you wanted things to work out for him. Sorry for the vagueness BTW but I don't want to spoil the film since I do believe you will have to experience that for yourself.  Kevin Spacey as Gerty is more or less what you expect from him. Although one could argue he did a nice play on HAL 9000.

The problem with Moon is that if you are not intrigued by the twist then there is not that much interesting going on. Actually prior to it I was incredibly compelled to figure out what was going on. After I did not care that much. On top of that the pacing is very slow and seeing how the film failed to captivate me it was sleep inducing. It is therefore very astonishing that Moon is being praised this much. What is going on here? Am I missing something? Or is this another case of hype? I say the latter. I came up with far more interesting twists on my own. For example. If you looked a little closely at the shots made of Sam outside his base you could tell it was fake. Now what if that had been done intentional and Sam wasn't really on the Moon but on Earth somewhere as result of some sick experiment. Or what if Sam is on the Moon but has gone insane and split his personality. Or what if Sam is not Sam Bell but Sam Rockwell disturbed and confused thinking he is playing Sam Bell and they are humouring him Truman Show style. I don't know about you but those ideas to me compel me more than what they came up with.

Moon is an adequate film but not thought provoking at all. After reading so many positive reviews I was expecting a whole lot more and therefore found the whole viewing experience underwhelming and a little disappointing. It's not an entire waste of your time but I am not going to recommend this as I believe there are far better titles out there.

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