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Review Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016): Better than Man of Steel. But still an unbelievable giant mess!

genre: action, adventure, science fiction, comic book, super hero

If this is not proof of Zack Snyder's incompetence then I don't know what is. 

Remember how Man of Steel killed the senses with it's fast paced but dull action? Dawn of Justice does the exact opposite. Now it takes almost 100 minutes for the action to start and when all is done you realize it's not enough. In those 100 minutes we get to exposed to a lot of things in a series of scenes that don't flow well. The best I can describe it that this film feels like one big trailer. You know like that other DC film called The Dark Knight Rises. And I really fail to see why that is. It's not like the story is complex or needs to be told in this way. It's a very simple (and boring) story but because of how it is edited it could confuse people. Maybe Zack Snyder thinks that adds to the darkness. Yes, again these people have the wrong idea what makes a story and characters dark. Of course I understand that certain events have to be displayed in order to set up the battle between Batman and Superman. Only problem is that most of these events are completely useless and unnecessary. Apart from the sequences where other DC heroes are introduced. This sequence BTW came out of nowhere and does not make real sense in connection to the whole Batman versus Superman story line. Actually if you think about it a lot of events and characters won't make sense in Dawn of Justice. They happen and appear randomly and very rarely a motivation has been given for that. It boggles the mind how Zack though he could get away with that.

It is obvious that DC tries to catch up to Marvel and completely fail to grasp why Marvel has been successful. DC tries to speed things up so much that you have several story lines thrown in the mix that have very little to do with the Batman versus Superman and are more present to start up the Justice League film and maybe the standalone films about the other members of the Justice League. Completely overlooking the fact that Marvel took their time and letting the public get acquainted with their heroes before they initiated the crossovers. 

It won't be that much of a mystery that Lex Luthor plays a pivotal role in this film and honestly I am baffled of how stupid and underwhelming his involvement is. Lex Luthor obviously is the villain of the story but not a real compelling one. His actions aren't motivated or explained and will leave you wondering why he does them. Actually most of the characters in this film were lifeless and dull. Ben Affleck as Batman was tolerable and maybe in some scenes even good. But it's not like I was wowed by his Batman. Although the warehouse scene kicks so much ass that I will keep an open mind about him. Henry Cavill as Superman still is boring. I don't know why they chose him he simply doesn't do it for me. I still think that had he been given a real chance Brandon Routh could have given us a proper Superman. The only one that was truly wonderful was someone I had the least expectations about. And that is Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman. She rocked it. Too bad her appearance is too brief but I am looking forward to see her in action in upcoming DC films. 

The last half hour is the best part of the film but probably also the part that will infuriate people the most. It is here when several story lines come together that are derived from DC comics but also have been changed to suit the movie. I could agree with the changes since they did provide the most fun. However one major event comes a little too soon and does not even make sense. Again something that is meant to set up future films and disregarding the need for Dawn of Justice to have it's own story. 

Thank god for the last half hour since it does show hints of what this film could have been. In their quest to make the story dark and edgy the filmmakers and DC they have forgotten to show and tell what people love about super heroes. Marvel understands this all too well and it is one of the main reasons why they are still going strong. Does this make up for the first boring hours? Seeing how Mrs. P could not stay awake and completely missed the best part I would say no. If you fail to grab the audience's interest then you have done something horribly wrong. You know there is nothing wrong with adding complexity to comic book stories but you should never lose sight of the simple tale of good versus evil. And guess what happens in the last part? Exactly. 

So is this film worth your time? I did enjoy this one much better than Man of Steel and it does have some good moments. But I have to be honest. You do need a lot of patience to get through the first part that takes forever to get to the good ones and that is unforgivable. Why? Because it is here where you lose interest and get exhausted. It takes real determination to stay focused and alert or rather stay awake. However I do have hope for future films provided Zack Snyder won't be making them. 

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