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Review Run All Night (2015): Honestly stop messing with Liam Neesons family, he will totally kill you!

genre: crime, thriller, action, drama

Liam Neeson and Ed Harris in one movie should have been an actor's film where the characters would provide the fireworks instead of the action. The trailer of Runn All Night showed that Liam and Ed were put against each other and that looked very promising since it would add some variation to the Taken type of films Neeson has been making the last years. Only this magnificent stand off never occurs. It would have been real interesting to see two old friends being conflicted about where there loyalties lied. And this is never shown. It gets mentioned a few times. But something like that has to be visualized. You have to be able to connect to the characters because of their struggle and pain. They showed a little of that very briefly and then it stopped. The director did not even attempt to make the Neeson - Harris relationship more interesting. A missed opportunity if you asked me. Because it would have elevated Runn All Night into more than it is. Which is an action film. Some attention is paid to the father and son relationship between Neeson and Kinnaman and at times it does help to sympathize but not enough to make you forget how dull and bland this movie is. Run All Night is incredibly boring ladies and gentlemen. I wished it wasn't. But the film is so very average. It's a mystery to me that this film got released into theaters. It simply did not deserve that at all. For people still not convinced and hoping to watch this for the action alone will be very disappointed. There are only a few action sequences and none of them are particularly exciting. 

My advice: 
Skip this one. This film almost could be the descent of Liam Neeson into Steven Seagal territory. Who wants to be the witness of such tragedy?

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