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Review Special 26 a.k.a. Special Chabbis (2013): Pay attention Will Smith, this is how you should do a con movie!

genre: crime, thriller

One thing you will have to understand before going into this film that it is not your typical Bollywood film. It has a more independent approach and tries to avoid convention as much as possible. Akshay Kumar is at his best when he plays serious roles like this. You can see that there is more to the character than you are led to believe. There is a very minimalistic approach to Special 26 and I liked it very much. You only are shown or told what you need to know and for the rest you are allowed to fill in the blanks yourself. That was very refreshing and clever since it gave the film a lot of tension without having to rely on many twists and turns. Now if you have seen a lot of con or heist movies like I have you will be able to predict how it plays out. However this never ruined the enjoyment since the film does a good job to make you guessing anyway. And maybe the director tried to stay close to the story of the real con artists this film is inspired by. The real story that this film is inspired by is very interesting and quite impressive. And I am glad I got introduced to it. The end result is that you have a compelling and entertaining film throughout that is very much worth your time. 

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