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Review Tube a.k.a. Tybeu: Solid action but be prepared for some randomness in a bad way!

genre: action, thriller, die hard clone

This South Korean flick is a strange beast. It copies a Hollywood type of action film for the most part but where they add a totally unnecessary subplot and characterization that completely feels out of place. 

I am aware that in some South Korean films the narrative can be very confusing often for the sake of raising suspense and tension or increasing the drama. In Tube it simply does not make sense one bit. It only detracts from the main plot and the attention that should be paid to the villains who are very efficient and competent. I wanted to learn much more about them. I did not care for this random girl who apparently has fallen for our hero. He is not even aware of her existence until they briefly interact before things start to go to hell. She admits that she has been stalking him and had broken into his apartment after having pick pocketed him. Most scenes you see her glaring, staring and following the main character Kay. That must be real love then. How could you even consider something as creepy as that to be healthy and romantic? It does feel like that the director thought this would give his main character some depth or make him more interesting. This art house approach of love and romance though does not belong here and is one of the reasons why Tube is a mixed bag. The action scenes are nicely done and will be the main draw for most. However the scenes do seem to miss their own style. Especially the shootouts will remind you of Heat. I also liked that how most of the supporting cast were likable and competent. And that not all of the terror was on the hero's shoulders. Main character Kay is sympathetic but he has not been given the best lines especially in the non action scenes. It's credit to the actor that you still take him seriously after having delivered those terrible lines.Then there is the sudden burst of melodrama injected into the final thirty minutes. Let me add that at this point the film could have ended already and it would have been a much better film because of it.  If there had been a more natural progression of emotions and characterization I think I would have been more receptive to those last minutes. As it was now it came across very fake and cheesy. Plus it will very likely anger you. 

Overall Tube is very decent and certainly one of the better Die Hard Clones out there but be prepared for some random art house rubbish and melodrama. 

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