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Review Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018): Solid follow up to Ant-Man!

genre: comic book, super hero, adventure, action, science fiction, comedy

The original Ant-Man to me was a real surprise as it easily managed to surpass expectations. So much so that it would be hard for a sequel or next part to be on par. 

For the most part Ant-Man and The Wasp is definitely on par. Maybe one could say that as a Marvel film this doesn't quite tie in to Avengers: Infinity War as much as I would have liked to. Then I started to think about it a little. Perhaps this film needed to be a little light after all that death and destruction. And like the original this sequel does deliver on the jokes and laughs. It clearly is a smaller adventure but make no mistake the events in this film do have impact on Avengers: Endgame. How exactly is something you will have to see for yourself.

The first time I watched this I wasn't sold on the comedy. I thought it was a little underwhelming compared to the original. Now having seen it a second time it might be less jokey it did gain a lot of heart. It's the balance of these elements that make this part more endearing and strong. Paul Rudd is charming as ever and has real good chemistry with Evangeline Lilly as Hope. I do hope (no pun intended) that this is the start of having them fight the good fight side by side forever. It's sheer joy to see them in action. But it was better to see them having each other backs. I also liked how Scott actually is a good father to his daughter Cassie. He thinks of her first even when certain events are more pressing.

I honestly don't know what to think about Ghost and the inclusion of Michelle Pfeiffer as the original Wasp. I mean I get they needed more story and characters but in the grand scheme of things their presence doesn't add anything significant. Apart from the one element that is vital. But for example Ghost looks cool and was compelling to a point. But Ghost is not a particular likable character. Or has much depth. Michelle is more puzzling as I think her face looks quite weird. When she laughs it looks far from genuine or real. It does look like she had some work done since it has that plastic vibe. 

Overall The Ant--Man and The Wasp is not the movie we wanted but the one we desperately needed after such tragedy and sorrow.

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