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Review Avengers: Infinity War (2018): Undoubtedly awesome and epic. Is it the film event I hoped it to be? Find out!

genre: comic book adaptation, super hero, action, adventure, science fiction

Ever since it was announced I was looking forward to see the ultimate Marvel crossover events on the big screen. To have all these superheroes and villains battle it across the many galaxies is something we never have seen before in cinematic history. So does Infinity War deliver on the scale and magnitude of the original comic book story?

Kind of. The film certainly is big, epic and overall awesome. But if like me you were hoping for more familiar superheroes making an entrance you will be slightly disappointed. To be fair that was an impossible task to begin with unless they would do a whole series where you would be able to pay attention to all the pivotal characters. I understand that they had to scale down the film and it's events. However some heroes for earlier films were missing and I am not quite sure why that is. Where was Hawkeye? And what about Ant-Man? It does seem like they left that for part 2. Personally I think two films simply is not enough. It should have been at least three where they also added the X-Men and Fantastic Four to the roster at least. Doesn't Disney own all the Marvel characters now?

Although it has to be said that the Russo brothers did an admirable job of having the characters we know and love do their thing. It is pretty coherent and easy to follow even if you haven't seen the Marvel Cinematic Universe films prior to this one. But of course it is recommended to have watched since it will make things clearer and more enjoyable. It's a feast for they eyes to watch our heroes do whatever it takes to stop the big bad Thanos. When the universe is at stake I very much would like to see these heroes fighting for us and each other. And that you will get plenty of. Especially the battle at Wakanda is very memorable. Since it's one of those sequences where you realize how bad things are for our heroes and the universe. At this point it also becomes clear that Thanos is probably the best villain of all the films since he is ten steps ahead every time. That and he has no problem taking on the strongest and most powerful heroes by himself. For a CGI character voiced by Josh Brolin Thanos is an example of how to do it right. Not once did it feel fake or unreal. They even managed to give Thanos some depth and complexity. 

The final part especially for a Marvel film is exceptionally bleak and dark. It certainly will leave an impression. I didn't feel entirely distraught since I know a second part is coming but still to end a film on a cliffhanger like this is pretty bold. What is most shocking that you aren't given a chance to deal with some of the events displayed. You aren't given comic relief right after like it usually happens. Instead they have moments that make you cherish and value certain characters even more. I am not going to lie. I wished they had more of those moments. But like I said then the film would either need more parts or be longer. Speaking of the duration. It never feels like the film is slow or boring. In fact as far as I was concerned they could have added an extra hour and I would not have mind one bit. I even sat through the end credits to watch the after credits scene. And it was worth it. 

Avengers: Infinity War certainly is an event of epic proportions. Could have easily been bigger but perhaps not practical. Maybe, just maybe they reserved that for the second part. In any case this is one of those films you really have to watch and experience in the cinema. It might be flawed but it's awesome!

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