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Review Ant-Man (2015): Holy panic, Batman. If Marvel keeps going strong like this we at DC will never be able to catch up!

genre: action, adventure, science fiction, comic book adaptation, superhero,

Ant-Man is one of those super heroes in the Marvel Universe that I kind of ignored and did not know that much about. I knew about his abilities and understood that those would appeal on the big screen. But even then I was pleasantly surprised how this latest Marvel movie turned out.

Without a doubt this is easily one of the best in the franchise. There is not one boring minute in this one. Right from the second it starts it propels you into the adventure. Ant-Man is also the most comedic one but at the same time manages to give the characters and the events the dramatic depth they need. While Ant-Man technically has a less urgency factor to it you would not realize this since they way this film is directed you do feel a lot is at stake. And it does depend on how you look at it. We are with our main character from the start and even more so if we discover why he went to jail in the first place. It automatically makes you root for him. Especially when you see him together with his incredibly adorable daughter. His wife shows no understanding for the situation he is in at all and if you ask me lacks a moral compass that I think many people suffer from. And by that I mean that one should look beyond breaking the rules and the law. People should focus on what is right and not always blindly follow rules. Believe it or not, sometimes rules are wrong and unjust. That his wife of all people is incapable of looking him the same way as his daughter does says more about her than him. The same could be said about the social commentary. Have you realized why most ex cons fall back into the life of crime? Usually because they are given very little choice. Ant-Man addresses this briefly but never in a way that it detracts from the spectacle.

Spectacle indeed. It is a feast for the eyes. It's hard to get impressed these days since we more and more are getting used to it. But Ant-Man sure delivers. CGI and live action are blended in a way that all of it looks real. Even the ants. There are some scenes you even mourn for the loss of the creatures when they die. To make you care about insects that look the way they do must have been real hard to pull off. The abilities of our super hero are masterfully combined with some well choreographed fighting resulting in scenes we have never seen before. A lot of attention is payed to the details in almost every element of film making which shows. You can tell that Ant-Man is made with love. I never wanted this movie to end. I did not even realize that when it did that two hours had passed.

Ant-Man gave me a lot of adrenaline and made me remember why I love movies in the first place. Marvel is going strong and after the slightly disappointing Avengers: Age of Ultron they have reassured me that the future movies in the franchise are going to provide us even more spectacle and fun. I wholeheartedly recommend you to watch this in the cinema. Like now!

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