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Review Outside the Law (2002): Even for a C film this is quite bad!

genre: martial arts, action, crime

Outside the Law is a C film that has very little to no redeeming factors. Up until now I was convinced that Cynthia Rothrock always could make it worth your while. But even she can't save this disaster. Don't make the mistake like I did to have the expectation that it's somewhat similar to Above the Law a.k.a. Righting Wrongs

Although I am wondering if anybody involved truly had the intention. Since it does seem like that the whole film crew didn't care too much. Everything is below average. From what you can make out of the action was decent. But the editing is done so poorly that you hardly can enjoy it. Even the big fight between James Lew and Cytnhia Rothrock was underwhelming. Easily the highlight of the film but too short and average to be memorable. 

To make matters worse the focus also seems to be on story and less about the action. An action film that isn't about the action never is a good thing. Especially if it's a story you have seen a million times before. Unforgivable is the fact that Jeff Wincott who plays the baddie has very little to do. He doesn't even punish his goons who keep getting beat up by Cynthia. And how brainless must you be that you keep coming at someone who has no trouble defeating you time and time again? Well, to be honest I found that quite funny. Although I am pretty sure that wasn't the intention. I can't believe they didn't let Cynthia and Jeff Wincott fight each other. I mean this was the perfect opportunity for them to show off their skills. Besides it would be extremely fun for them and the audience. But no! Although there was one actor who upstaged everyone. Or actually two. The dog. One of the sweetest and cutest in film history. And Dan Lauria. If there ever was an actor who is underrated and underappreciated it's him. He is one of those actors who knows to make his characters interesting no matter what he is in. 

In the end it's one that I would skip. There is nothing memorable about this film except maybe Cynthia Rothrock's wig. 

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