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Review Sharknado (TV movie 2013): The Citizen Kane of Bad B movies. Ha Ha. Sorry was just messing with you!

genre: horror. science fiction

Don't ask me why but I tasked myself to watch all of the movies in the franchise. The fact that there is even a franchise of this is completely astonishing and for that reason alone I can't ignore it. However make no mistake. I am not writing this review to tell you that this film is good. My goal is to give you an idea how bad it is.

The whole concept of Sharknado is preposterous and it requires a lot suspension of disbelief otherwise you will hurt yourself trying to make sense of it all.  Somehow sharks get caught up in tornadoes and because of that are able to reach places where they normally can't. In several cases it literally is raining sharks. I braced my self for the multitude of laugh out loud moments coming my way. I mean this is supposed to be a movie so bad that it becomes good right? And that it's hilarious? Wrong! Technically speaking Sharknado is quite decent. Sure some effects look horrible but for a TV movie it could have looked much worse. But what really is killing the Bad B movie goodness is that everything is approached as if this truly were a serious film. Normally I would applaud the straight faced action in combination with the most bizarre, weird and over the top comedy. Because when done right it will make you laugh. However this is not the case with Sharknado. Apart from a few scenes there is nothing to laugh about. This film for some reason is acting like we are dealing with a real disaster movie where the totally ridiculous premise has to be accepted as scientifically plausible. 

Actors like Ian Ziering, Tara Reid and Cassandra Scerbo seem to think they should try their hardest to make everything believable. Problem is that their hard work is what destroys the fun factor. Only John Heard has the right idea as he keeps a straight face but obviously doesn't take anything seriously which makes him the funniest character in the whole damn film. Don't cheer just yet because he is not as funny as you may think. I never expected the actors to deliver anyway so I focused on the sharks and their antics. Craziest thing they aren't in it as much as I would have liked. There are only a couple of scenes where they come into action and just a fraction of those scenes are fun. 

In the end there is a scene that normally only happens in cartoons and the moment I saw it felt like they finally had embraced it's badness and would give us that hilarious moment we had been waiting for. Sadly they even managed to ruin that. You know it takes some special skill to suck out of the fun of something so unbelievably bad. And basically the whole film is like this. So yes, this is a level of badness and incompetence that is just boring. I had hoped that this film would be at least fun so that it would motivate me to watch the rest of the films. Now I have to force myself to do so. Sigh. There is one highlight though. Cassandra Scerbo. She is very hot and she kicks ass most of the time. I would have preferred her to have the lead over Ian Ziering. You will have to decide for yourself if she is reason enough to watch this movie.

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