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Review Sharknado 2: The Second One (TV movie 2014): Now this is what I am talking about. A huge improvement on the original. This is actually a lot of fun!

genre: horror, science fiction

Wow! What a difference. The original made me want to crawl under my blanket and have a deep sleep. But this one raised my spirit enormously. So much so that I am looking forward to the later parts in the franchise.

If you read my review of the original you can read that it was no fun. It took itself far too seriously and they never embraced the badness. Well, I guess some people do learn because now they have done exactly that. They completely immersed themselves in the cheese and has become an incredible fun film because of it. Apparently more people thought it was going to be a fun project to take part in since the film is filled with cameos. They randomly appear and are part of the funniest bits in the film. Kelly Osbourne, Robert Hays, Rachel True, Andy Dick, Al Roker and Matt Lauer to name but a few are amongst them. For a complete list check this article. Add to that Vivica A. Fox, Kari Wuhrer and freaking Judd Hirsch in the cast and you have a disaster movie reminiscent of The Towering Inferno. At least big names wise. And let me just say that Judd Hirsch is an absolute blast as the taxi driver and puts his Julius character in Independence Day: Resurgence to shame. Did I just go there? Yes, I did. Sharknado 2 is better than ID: Resurgence. OUCH.

On top of this Ian Ziering also has improved his game and he is fighting sharks like Ash is battling deadites. I never expected I would ever say this but Ziering is awesome. You have come a long way Steve. I never truly liked you in Beverly Hills 90210. But you have stepped up to the plate big time. Tara Reid also has returned and seems to be a little more comfortable. However it looked like she forgot how to act. As she looks surprised and scared all the time even in the moments she is not supposed to. In the first one I noticed this also. Could be that we saw her fear of losing whatever was left of her career. Don't worry Tara. Your career was already over. Ok. Ok. I sincerely hope that this franchise will put her back on the map and improves her career

I know you will have a hard time believing this but Sharknado 2 has one hell of a finale. It's epic. There are so many good jokes and awesome moments that will bring tears to your eyes. Sharknado 2 is everything I wanted and then some. It's definitely one of the best bad B movies I have seen.

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