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Review Sharknado 5: Global Swarming (TV Movie 2017): Sharknado just went all dark and apocalyptic!

genre: science fiction, horror, adventure

By now you should be pretty aware what you are in for. Only this time the scale of events are bigger. Fin Shepard (Ian Ziering) literally jumps from country to country in this one very randomly. Like previous films this fifth part is purposely bad but with added layers of badness on top. There are some real cringe worthy moments that are incredibly delightful and horrible at the same time. But no doubt you will be laughing your ass off most of the time.

Like the fourth predicted Nova (Cassandra Scerbo) returned and made me instantly happy. It is however unfortunate we don't actually get to see her do the most badass things we know her for. Strangely enough that is reserved for Tara Reid's character and don't want to be mean or anything but has she gone full retard or what? She is wooden as hell and delivers her lines like she is still rehearsing them. And when she delivers them she looks like a mentally handicapped person who has no clue what is going on. I didn't like it one bit that she stole the thunder away from Nova ass kicking wise. Still acting wise Nova is far superior plus she actually makes it seem that she is a character that belongs in the crazy world of Skarknado. All this time I thought that Reid had to get used to the idea and it certainly looked like she did in previous Sharknado. But instead of embracing it more she reverted. She is not even giving a damn any more it seem which is weird since she did sign up to be executive producer next to starring in it.

Then they do something unforgivable and I was genuinely distraught. Why god why? From all the things they could have done they resort to this level of cruelty. Etiquette prevents me from spoiling it but be prepared for some real tragedies. But just when I thought Sharknado: Global Swarming went too far it redeemed itself with it's ending which brings me to the multitude of cameo's. There were a couple I recognized but the majority were unknown to me. Chris Katan, Olivia Newton John,  Tony Hawk and Samantha Fox were the most prominent ones. And one other but it's so awesome that it's best to leave it as a surprise.

Overall this fifth part tried to deliver the same Sharknado antics plus add some new and creative elements to keep it fresh. For the most part they succeeded. Although they really have to let Tara Reid be and not cast her any more because she almost ruined the viewing experience for me. I want more  Cassandra Scerbo as Nova. I also have to point out that this purposely bad disaster film puts Geostorm to shame. I mean think about that for a minute.

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