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Review Sharknado 4: (TV Movie 2016) The 4th Awakens): Not entirely on par with Sharknado 2 and 3 but still fun!

genre: horror, science fiction

The force is big with this one. At least that is what this fourth entry in the Sharknado franchise wants you to believe. And for a large part it truly is. Like it's predecessors this part is filled with crazy antics and fun nods to people and other films. However like the third it has some pacing issues and gets a little too ambitious for it's own good. And by that I am referring to the Shepard family increasing in numbers. You could add twenty of them for all I care they are no match for Nova. 

Fin Shepard is such a great hero since he was one of the few who could very effectively deal with whatever was thrown at him. In this one you have more members who can do the same and while at times glorious it also detracts from his heroics. I still am not a fan of Tara Reid even if it looks like she is embracing the wackiness much more than before. However she still looks like someone who accidentally wandered of from another film and desperately wants to find her way back home. On top of that she looks weird. I just don't buy her as the sexy kick ass babe they want her to be. Cousin Gemini (Masiela Lusha) does a much better job of that.  

What really surprised me was a cameo from Steve Guttenberg who apparently is the star of Lavalantula a new monster franchise featuring lava-breathing tarantulas. While there is no direct connection between them it's cool to have these films linked in this way. And naturally I am going to check that film out. How can you resist it? Speaking of connections Z Nation also is connected to Sharknado as one of it's stars has a cameo in Sharknado 3. Now I only have seen the first episode of Z Nation but at the time I was getting a little fed up with zombies. However since I am done with The Walking Dead I guess I could try to follow that one. 

Signs of fatigue make Sharknado a little less sharp and witty but was still able to make me laugh more than I cringed. So surely one I can recommend if you are craving for some B movie goodness. And I am looking forward to the fifth part since the ending teased the return of the most kickass character in this franchise ever. Oh yessss!

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