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Review The Purge: Election Year (2016): More of the same but has lost the little edge it had!

genre: action, horror, thriller, science fiction

Third entry in the franchise and let's hope this will be the last. The premise already was super thin to begin with but it had potential in becoming something big as it could have been a way to offer some sharp criticism towards American politics or rigid views on certain traditions. Even the most modern and progressive countries have customs or traditions that for some reason are held on to despite backlash or changing morals in society. Unfortunately none of the films have done this. Or at least not enough.

So what does The Purge: Election Year offer? Like the second part action, action and more action. For the most part exciting and cool but sadly sometimes very predictable and less intense. The horror element certainly has been dialed down considerably and people who should have come across as scary or creepy only look ridiculous. Director James DeMonaco is adamant about making his villains hop and dance in slow motion and all it does is make me laugh. Unless he is fully aware and that is what he was going for as a running joke of some sort. Seen from that perspective he succeeded. But the biggest flaw is that whatever sense of dread there was in the first two films has disappeared. In those movies it did felt like there was something at stake. Which is odd since the story does call for bigger and more epic events. The lack of is compensated by a good cast including Frank Grillo who returns as Leo Barnes, Mykelti Williamson ( a very underrated actor) who I have not seen in a while and Elizabeth Mitchell as senator Charlie Roan in the running for President of the United States who wants to abolish The Purge once she gets elected. One of the villains is played by Terry Serpico who looks a lot like Anthony Michael Hall.

In the end The Purge: Election Year plays it far too save and doesn't bring something fresh or new to the table which is a real shame. It is also predictable to a tee and some scenes just drag and kill the pace because of it. But it did not feel like I have wasted my time.

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