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Review Warrior (2010): A powerful film that needs to be watched.

genre: drama, martial arts

Upon looking at the poster, one might expect a full on action film. And while there are some excellent action scenes, this is not an action film. 

No doubt this film will be compared to Rocky, as it is an underdog story. Only in this one you have two underdogs who happen to be brothers. From the start, you are compelled to watch the story unfold. Not that the story is that compelling because there is barely a story. It is the characters that make it interesting. Two brothers (Joel Edgerton and Tom Hardy) and father Nick Nolte draw you in and are very likeable from the start. Even if Tom Hardy's character, at first glance could be seen as a villain. But throughout the story, you will see through his tough guy act. It is the dynamics between them that will grip you. I have seen reviews in which much is talked about the MMA element. While it is overly present, it is not the focus. And it is assumed that the audience knows what MMA is about because it is never explained that much. Which is very refreshing. But that doesn't mean that the fighting scenes are redundant. The fights look incredible. I personally am not well versed in the world of MMA, but I do think Warrior takes some liberties that would never happen in a real MMA event. And since there are some prominent people of that sports present, I can't imagine that anyone would mind these liberties. 

From start to finish this is a compelling watch, with a length of over 2 hours and 15 minutes, that is saying something. A powerful film that needs to be watched. 


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