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Review Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005): Delightful black comedy!

genre: crime, comedy, action, film noir, thriller

Before and during watching The Nice Guys I realized that I could not remember anything about Shane Black's directorial debut Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Apart from the fact that I liked it. But why did I like it? So of course it was time to revisit that movie.

Seriously it is almost disconcerting to find out I could not recollect a single thing from Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Especially since I usually remember more than is good for me about movies. I wasn't called a walking movie encyclopedia just for the fun of it. However after having watched the film again it's safe to say it's not me but the movie's fault. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang moves in such a fast pace and has such an incomprehensible story that it will go by you as fast as it came in. While the intrigue is very high in this it is not the main focus. Like in The Nice Guys the story is just an excuse to put the main characters together and have them interact with each other. Robert Downey Junior and Val Kilmer are a very unlikely match but prove to have incredible chemistry. On top of that they get mixed up into situations that often are quite hilarious. However they are not on their own. They have a third wheel to contend with who actually is very welcome (most of the time). Michelle Monaghan. The femme fatale of the story or should I say someone you should take a safe distance from when she is about to close a door. I mean ouch! There were a few times tough that her involvement did not make much sense but I guess Shane Black was taking jabs at the film noir genre wherever he could as most events don't turn out as it normally would in the genre. 

It's a real joy to watch the characters interact and I advise you to let yourself get overwhelmed by the events and don't think too hard about them because I can promise you it will be pointless and futile. You aren't supposed to worry about the plot at all. Narrator Harry Lockhart (Robert Downey Jr. is not very reliable when it comes to facts and truths. His version of what occurred is incoherent and chaotic at best. But it's all done to bring the funny to the audience. And you will laugh for the sheer wackiness of certain situations. There are a few dramatic and serious moments that will get to you but they are quick and over before you know it so that it doesn't bog down the light tone of the film.

So if you have not seen this yet I can certainly recommend this one. Now some of you might be wondering which of the two movies I liked the best. And if I have to choose I would favour The Nice Guys. The chemistry between Ryan Gosling and Russel Crowe is simply hard to beat. 

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