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Review Point Break (1991): A Nineties Classic!

genre: action, adventure, thriller, crime

It was time to revisit Point Break. A film I must have watched over ten times now and I can honestly say it still rocks. I was actually planning to do it shortly after watching the remake but you know life and such gets in the way of doing the things you plan and want to do. Plus I really felt that I had to write the review if only to state that they should stay clear from the remake at all costs.

Of course after so many times it does lose it's edge somewhat because you know how it will play out. But it is not that much of an issue since the film has more than enough classic moments that never get tiring. All the action scenes have retained their strength and still impress today. Next to that, you have a good cast and great dialogue. Keanu Reeves, Patrick Swayze, Lori Petty, Gary Busey and John C. McGinley who utters the famous words:


The so called spiritualism preached by Bodhi (Patrick Swayze) is present but nearly not that big of a deal as it was in the awful remake. Here it actually helps you understand where Bodhi is coming from. But most importantly it makes him likable and therefore tension is created later in the film since you are not sure how far he will take it. If you never have seen this film ever before then you are in for one hell of a thrill ride. From start to finish you aren't quite sure who the baddies are even when at times you are sure of it. It's also nice to see how this film takes it time to set up the characters and how they interact. The progress of them getting to know each other feels natural and not forced like in the remake. You actually believe characters Johnny Utah and Bodhi becoming friends. The romance between Utah and Tyler might be convenient and done to death but it's one that serves a purpose intensifying matters. 

The best thing about Point Break is that it does not take itself too seriously and that it knows what it is all about. It's an action flick through and through and does not have any pretension whatsoever. So please ladies and gentlemen. Forget about the remake and watch this one instead. 


Anthony Kiedis, lead singer of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers has a tiny role in Point Break. So what was he like? Awful. 

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