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Review X-Files (Episode 1 Season 10): This skeptic BELIEVED for one episode. Then episode 2 happened. And what is wrong with the fans? It's like they are unable to see the many flaws. Obviously SPOILERS!

genre: science fiction, drama

My first question was why? Why did the X-Files need to return? It simply does not make sense to me. Even at the height of it's popularity it couldn't fully conquer me since it always felt it was more filler than real substance. Sure I embraced the main arcs. Those stories were the most interesting and compelling.  And maybe a case could be made that they never gave the people closure even when had chance to do that with the two movies. But then I saw the angle they were going for which touched my paranoid heart. This X-Files episode does what it should have done in the first place. Criticize real world issues. Make us think about current affairs and politics. Something that the science fiction genre could get away with because you would have to prick through it's charade. Granted the way they go about in this episode wasn't really sophisticated or subtle. Still it was clever enough for me to stick with it and see where it is heading.  

My thoughts on episode 2 Founder's Mutation:
So just about 6 minutes of the second episode I needed to stop watching. What are we going back to the creature of the week thing? I thought we were passed that and they were going to focus on what was started in 10.1. Or was all of that just an excuse to open up the X-Files and then leave the pressing conspiracy theories for what they are. That is pretty lame if you ask me. Ok, maybe I am being too harsh and need to finish the entire episode. But I am dreading it. Will get back to you on this.

I managed to watch the whole episode this time and oh boy, where to begin. First thing. The background music is constantly eerie and spooky without actually eerie or spooky things going on. It is distracting and an example how not to use background music. Second. What is up with the acting? Especially David Duchovny acts like a robot. Nothing seems to really phase him even when he gets attacked two times and almost died both of those times. Scully also does not seem that much scared of him dying. It's like both of them forgot that they weren't rehearsing anymore and that were already filming. Third. I get how they were trying to tie up the kids to William and confront Scully and Mulder with it. But seriously it felt so forced. There was nothing natural about it. Fourth. Could Skinner be more useless? He barely has any dialogue and looks even more annoyed than he did before. I know that he was one of those characters you started to like once you got to know him better and especially when time and time again did what he could to help out Mulder and Scully. But now him helping them out almost seems farcical. 

You know I really think they should have left this show for what it was and let people hold on to the dear memories they have of the show. Now it's nothing but a nostalgia trip for the happy few especially since the X-Files stopped being relevant once Fringe came into existence. That show did everything so much better. 

I will give the new X-Files one more shot. But if it does not switch gears then I will be done with it. There are too many shows on right now that deserve more of my attention.

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