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Review Focus (2015): One of the worst (con) movies I have ever seen. Pure torture!

genre: crime, comedy, romance

It's been a while I have seen Will Smith in action. Last time it was in Men in Black 3 which was horrendous. But compared to Focus that one is a freakin masterpiece. I have no idea what they were going for with Focus but how anybody could think this was remotely clever or brilliant needs his or her head examined. Because this is far from intelligent fare. In fact this easily is one of the stupidest films I have laid my eyes on. This includes all the bad B and C movies I had the pleasure of watching. Isn't that a little bit harsh Chrichton? No, you know why? Focus lacks all the wit and sophistication that is needed to make a film like this work. What is new in this one. They tried to go with a Rom-Com angle. Don't you think if they are going to do something like that it should be a little believable? Shouldn't you believe there is some kind of chemistry between the main characters. There was no buildup between them. There was no tension whatsoever. Romantic? Please. Not once was there a moment where you could buy them as a couple. Not a single second. The acting is barely decent. And the direction is awful. I can't think of one memorable scene. Then the supposedly clever twist and turns. Oh dear. Have the writers and producers of this flick even done some research on this matter? Are they even aware of what makes a con work or not? Do you honestly think a con man who is well known and recognized by even people outside his circles is a good con man? Also there are a bunch of other reasons I can't mention without spoiling but trust me it's too far fetched and not realistic. Not that I mind suspending disbelief for the sake of solid and thrilling entertainment. But then you better deliver the goods and Focus does nothing of the sort. The best I can describe it's like watching a car crash in super slow motion that lasts like 100 minutes. You know the car will be pulverized into a million pieces but it makes sure you get tortured in the process. Maybe there are some small redeeming factors if only I saw it coming from a mile away. People in the film industry. It's 2015. There have been a significant high number of movies and TV shows featuring con artists. If you really have to tackle the subject then do make sure you bring your A game to surprise the viewer. This is amateur hour through and through. AVOID at all costs! You are better off watching The Sting, Matchstick Men, Leverage or Hustle

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