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Review 2 Broke Girls Season 3 (TV Show): Two Broke Girls got from broken to pathetically bad!

genre: comedy

Two Broke Girls from the start already had a quite absurd premise. But it was one that continually provided a nice contrast between the two main characters which very often was entertaining to hilarious. The events that followed up was in service of the two girls trying to make it big. Which is something most people would want to root for. While not really up to the standard of sitcoms like Friends or Seinfeld it easily was one of the best sitcoms we have currently.

As you may have caught it, I said WAS. Because season 3 has put it in the same street as Two and Half Guy. A sitcom that only worked because Charlie Sheen was in it and everybody still supporting that show are too proud and stubborn to admit that. Proof? Go see Anger Management. It's really funny. Why? Because they are letting Carlos Estevez do his thing. Back to Broke Girls. What happened? If I had to guess then I think that the original writers aren't involved any more. Or they ran out of jokes to tell. Most of the comedy in that season is of the gross out factor. But it gets worse. The one thing you never should do in a sitcom is make your leads unlikeable. Max and Caroline despite their quirks were two characters you could cheer for. That has been diminished considerably. Caroline has not given that much of a bad deal but Max certainly has taken a deep plunge. The things they made her character say are beyond appalling. First it was very cute to have a tough street wise character softening up and getting to know more of another world through Caroline. Max was not ignorant or stupid. However now she is. Also she also has been made very inconsistent in her behaviour. One moment she is very passionate about getting into pastry school and the second she is goofing of not appreciating the chance she has been given. Caroline even addresses this in one scene and in two scenes after she does not really care. I know people can be moody and change their mind quickly sometimes but this fast is very unlikely and ridiculous. 

All of this could have been forgiven if the actual plots and events provided enough funny moments to be enjoyed. Sadly these moments are lacking. It basically comes down to a few jokes being repeated over and over again that lose their effect the third or fourth time they are told. I mean how many times do we have to hear how how much Max loves her drugs. Or how Sophie suddenly becomes bi sexual just to say that special one liner and then return to their old sexuality because it suits them better. Max also is often making rape jokes about guys she has been with it or her uncle like it is no big deal. I know that they might think that this way they are trying to explain why Max is the way she is. But seriously enough is enough already. In the first two seasons I could tolerate the crude jokes because they were very effective. In this third season they aren't any more. They are just rude and offensive and not funny at all. I dislike comedy that just tries to shock and offer nothing else in return.

In short:
Two Broke Girls has gone bad in this third season and I doubt it will recover from this. The only way to save season 4 and becoming good again is if they pull a Dallas stunt on us and all of the events of the third season turn out to be one big dream. Please let it be so. 

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