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Review Get On Up (2014)

genre: drama, biography, music

Get On Up starts real strong, compelling and funny but then after the first fifteen minutes it becomes messy real fast. And that is mostly because of lack of depth, story and very poor direction. For a film this long it's quite surprising to see how little is being told. You won't be much wiser of James Brown's past. It skips many essential details that would make him seem more like a fleshed out character. What I really missed is that you never get to know James Brown. You don't really see that much of a difference between him as performer and how he was in real life. He pretty much is the same overall. I read somewhere in his article where one of his ex wives was interviewed that was said he was a couch potato. That is such a big contrast to him as performer and very interesting to see. But they never show that side to him. There are so many sides to his character that are skipped on which is a real shame. Combine that with the fact that a lot of of what is happening is never explained fully. You barely see scenes that put things into context. They just happen and that is it. Then the director goes back and forth all the time which does not make sense since the newer events don't really connect to past events. It only confuses and does not really bring the drama you would expect. It is when these flashbacks occur how poorly Get On Up is directed. That having said however the acting is superb. Chadwick Boseman is excellent as James Brown and even manages to speak like him. Which is hilarious throughout the film since everyone acts like they understand him but you can see by the way they look they only get half of it. The acting is what kept me watching and I can sense there was a sincerity put into everything. But that alone is not enough for a biopic. You have to bring more to the table. It's fine to limit yourself to a few events. Only then you better maker sure those impress. And that very rarely happens. It's not that bad of a bad movie, but it is a little tasking to sit through. And I expected so much more. What is the point of telling the story of James Brown when you hardly tell something. Decent but don't get your hopes up.

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