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Review A Haunted House 2 (2014)

genre: comedy, parody

A Haunted House was far from perfect or good but it was a better film than Scary Movie 5 and the main film it was parodying. Naturally a sequel was to be expected and made me curious how this one turned out. And sadly I have to disappoint. A Haunted House is worse than it's original. It basically has a few jokes that are repeated and drawn out far too long. Now I must admit that I laughed two or three times. But then I was mesmerized how boring and bad everything was. Nobody in this film was remotely serious. One of the things I like about the parodies is if they keep playing straight faced even when the most ridiculous events occur. Here the actors laugh about their own jokes. Not often but enough times to show they are aware of being actors not playing real characters. That bugged me. No matter how crappy a movie is that should never happen. Then the jokes. I expected the raunchiness. But come on at least bring us something new. I could literally predict what was going to happen next. Unpredictability is another thing I like in parodies. Here they weren't even trying to make an effort to wow you in some way. Scary Movie 1 and 2 were good examples of how do it right. They were hardly masterpieces, but at least they made work of the jokes. All in all A Haunted House 2 is not funny and really feels like an incredible waste of time.

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