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Review The Avengers (2012): How I imagined a live action movie of an Avengers story line to be.

genre: action, adventure, science fiction

This little review originally was written right after I had seen it in the cinema on 02-05-2012:

How to describe the experience I got today when watching The Avengers? Think amazing or awesome! Now this is how a blockbuster movie should be. It delivers on action, thrills,  drama, comedy and believe it or not great acting. Each superhero get the attention they deserve and more importantly the interactions between them felt like they were from the comics. I believe we have Joss Whedon to thank for that. Now this doesn't mean it's a perfect movie. Far from it. But so many things are good I can't even remember the flaws.  So why mention them? No point in me telling more. Simply go to the cinema already. AWESOME!

Edit on 16-08-2014:

Some time has passed, a lot more has been said of The Avengers against and for it and I want to add my two cents into this discussion that still is going on. Today I re watched the film and tried to be a little more critical and perhaps point out the flaws that I initially did not want to address. 

So what could be pointed out as flaws. Well, perhaps the incredibly simple plot of Loki and his army about to destroy Earth. Could they had made it more complex? Yes, they could have, but would it really have mattered? You have to ask yourself, what are superhero movies about. Most of the time it's about people or beings that have these extraordinary powers or conviction to go against the odds in order to save other beings. No matter how you look at it that is one incredible noble notion and is what makes us love these superheroes in whatever shape or form they come in whether they have superhuman powers or not.  A complicated plot could have added a little more but overall it's not what makes us love these kinds of movies. Plots of movies like these can be simple and very effective. People can relate to the superheroes portrayed in The Avengers because their fears and obstacles represent what normal people have to face everyday. Movies like these raise the spirit and make you feel good. This is something a director like Christopher Nolan does not understand. He got close in Batman Begins, but then after he demonstrated not knowing at all why most people love super hero comic books so much. Joss Whedon understands all too well and wisely decided to keep it simple. Although he did allow for his characters too shine like they should. Granted he was helped enormously of how Marvel set up the movies. And how they build up the anticipation for the main characters of those movies coming together in The Avengers. But most of it was also because the characterization of the Marvel heroes are close of who they are in the comic books. And these characters could be serious but also allowed comic relief. We get all of this with the Marvel Heroes interacting with each other and with common folk. 

With this in mind it is hard to point out other flaws because every event that occurs is used as a device to give you that good feeling at the end plus at the same time offer you some cool action. The Avengers is aware what it's strong points are and avoids being pretentious. To me that is something I am very happy about because pretension in films that don't back it up annoy the hell out of me. I personally don't find it really that interesting to speak of best super hero movie. Since I think every super hero movie has it's own merits. However I do think The Avengers is one of the best of the Marvel movies to be produced because it delivers on adventure and fun. It's how I imagined a live action movie of an Avengers story line to be. If a movie still has an impact on you the second time around then you can not deny that you have a classic on your hands.

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