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Review Potiche (2010): A movie solely carried by the charm of Catherine Deneuve

genre: comedy, drama

A movie solely carried by the charm of Catherine Deneuve. It does offer some laughs but not as much as I hoped to. And when it does, it is more of the subtle variety. And while I appreciated it. This subtleness was exactly the reason why this little film was so disappointing. That and the very light approach of things. There was a lot they could emphasize on since a lot is being discussed. And it screamed for more ridicule and over the top dramatics to bring these important matters to the audience's attention. Especially since nothing truly eventful is happening even when clearly some issues asked for it. Then there is good old Gerard Depardieu. I am sorry, the guy used to be one hell of an actor and used to be an attractive man but the way he is now I simply could not take him seriously at all. Mrs. P.  remarked he is very much like a real live action Obelix (even more than he did when he played that role) or that he looks like one big baby. How could you then expect to take his advances towards Deneuve as something realistic. I mean even in her old age she looks beautiful as ever. Now before you think what a superficial way of looking at things. I have taken in account the acting power and charm Gerard used to have. Yes, you read it right, he used to have. Because whatever he was doing, it was not the old Depardieu. Here he clearly is in it just to make some cash and no intention at all to make something out of this movie. There was very little chemistry between him and Deneuve. And for the suggested tension they resorted to younger actors playing them in a flashback. Nice solution but very much a cop out. Actors of this caliber could make it believable if they wanted to. I have seen proof of this in some older films of them do this. Not bad if you don't expect too much but if you hoping for hilarity you won't get it.


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